Price elasticity, How prices affect sales – World of Goldcraft 142

Today we will talk about the relationship between price and sale rate, and how you can take advantage of it!

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3 thoughts on “Price elasticity, How prices affect sales – World of Goldcraft 142

  1. For goldmakibg and prices i think also a factor of dominance and destroying markets has an effect. For example sometimes a price will be set so low to get someone out that feels he owns the market in this computergame. Market mechanism is not always driven by real life economic behavoir or theory but since it is a computer game i would also assume, destroying, hate and dominance are big factors. Gold can be spend in a computer game based on hate, but not irl.

    1. Absolutely players can do it just to play with their competition or because they dislike someone.

  2. Another example to my anove comment is. I do not want to camp the auction house 24/7 to see my item getting either undercut or someone benefit of the lifo method. So I just destroy the market in that sense. . “Ok I cannot benefit here, so shall they not ” so I will post item so low so the profit is small and think , ok, the competotirs will not earn alot of gold like before. Their profit margin is so low. I got the gold for it and I keep the low prices there , not because I earn a little gold, no just because I do not want to see anyone else benefit for huge margins on a market I also found intetesting

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