Shadowlands goldmaking: Using Tradeskillmaster for Crafter’s mark 3 and Chained isle gear

On my last post I covered the what of the new crafter’s marks. Today we will dive into the required Tradeskillmaster settings to effectively sell these!

With TSM 4.11 most of the setup here is out of date, it will of course still work, but you can just use the crafting source. I’ll still leave in the full content as I wrote this a week ago, and having the custom sources could still be very useful if you want to double check or for any other reasons.

The crafting source does not include crafter’s marks

With crafted gear I usually rely heavily on the crafting price source. For gear with optional reagents the cost of the optional reagents is not included by default. As such you will need to add them manually. This adds another layer of dificulty as you need to implement your specific crafter’s mark directly.

Luckily TSM let’s you refer to the market value of different items, so you can build out custom sources that correspond to the marks you use!

Building custom sources

Simply we need to build a custom source for every crafter’s mark. We can then replace crafting with (crafting+alchmark) and the operation will work. You can see a screenshot below of the operation I use for crafter’s mark 2 gear, where jcmarktwo is my custom source for jewelcrafting based Crafter’s mark 2.

Below you will find lists that contain custom sources for the cost of both crafter’s mark 3 and mark of the chained isle.

Crafter’s mark 3

alchmarkthree: 30*matprice(i:169701)+5*matprice(i:171315)+5*matprice(i:183950)+50s

bsmarkthree: 20*matprice(i:171828)+3*matprice(i:171833)+5*matprice(i:171841)+

engimarkthree: 2*matprice(i:172937)+2*matprice(i:172936)+3*matprice(i:171833)+

jcmarkthree: 4*(matprice(i:173108)+matprice(i:173109)+matprice(i:173110))+12*matprice(i:173168)+

lwmarkthree: 3*matprice(i:172096)+matprice(i:172097)+25*matprice(i:172092)+

tailormarkthree: 25*matprice(i:173204)+100*matprice(i:173202)+10*matprice(i:177062)

Chained Isle

alchmarkchained: 75*matprice(i:169701)+25*matprice(i:171315)+25*matprice(i:183950)+

bsmarkchained: 50*matprice(i:171828)+20*matprice(i:171833)+10*matprice(i:171841)+

engimarkchained: 5*matprice(i:172937)+5*matprice(i:172936)+15*matprice(i:171833)+

jcmarkchained: 5*(matprice(i:173108)+matprice(i:173109)+matprice(i:173110))+

lwmarkchained: 40*matprice(i:172096)+2*matprice(i:172097)+75*matprice(i:172092)+

tailormarkchained: 80*matprice(i:173204)+500*matprice(i:173202)+

This time around I use matprice() for everything, including the vendor materials. Make sure that they are valued correctly based on what discount you have by going to /tsm crafting -> reports -> materials.

Setting it up for your combos

This time around we will need at least one source for crafter’s mark 3 and one for the chained isle. If you are like me and have two crafter’s you will have to figure out which is the cheapest for each of those crafter’s and apply that one to the relevant groups. I have an LW/tailor and a JC/blacksmith. Right now Jewelcrafting and leatherworking are the cheapest for those two groups, so I will have one operation I use for JC/BS that uses Jewelcrafting mark costs and one I apply to all LW/tailor items that uses the Leatherworking mark costs. Then we obviously need a second set of operations for chained isle marks.

What you want to do is make the operations you need as shown in the screenshot above, then apply them to the correct groups. You will have to add items as you craft them to make sure you post one of each stat variant. I always find that this works better as players are often willing to pay slightly more to get the perfect stats. Then it’s all about the volume!

Missives for chained isle gear?

Chained Isle gear at item level 230 is so strong and so expensive that using missives to get the correct stats may actually be worth it. If so you will have to add the cost of the missives you use. I would suggest starting without and see if any stat variants sell better than others. Ilvl 230 is good enough that 1k extra in materials could make players willing to pay quite a bit more, as they will not swap it out instantly. You will also have to experiment with slots here, I expect non-domination sockets will be the way to go, but we will have to see.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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5 thoughts on “Shadowlands goldmaking: Using Tradeskillmaster for Crafter’s mark 3 and Chained isle gear

  1. hello it seems that your custom sources are not well defined in your article… soem part are missing ^^

  2. Hey, TSM actually shows the cost of the crafter’s mark in the crafting cost. Also shows missives, even it changes if there’s no missive used in that item. Crafting cost now is more dynamic. The real issue now is undercutting by specific stats, which is not working well, so you have to undercut by item level

    1. Yeah, this was added in 4.11 pretty much the same time I wrote this post post.

      I’ve personally found that undercutting by specific stats works well though. Often the most popular stat combo is selling for 5x what the other variants are selling for.

  3. Hei, I came here looking for information on how to deal with crafter’s mark profession combos and I see you mentioned that and you point to the setup being shown in screenshots but the screenshots are missing from the article. Would you be so kind to look into the missing screenshots? Thank you 🙂

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