Road to 100 Million – Week 1

With the launch of Shadowlands came the start of my Road to 100 Million “challenge”. It’s not so much a challenge as a long term goal, so let’s see how my week went.

Current status

Gold: 18 918 345

Change since last week: +646 363

Weeks to go at current pace: 125

This has been a week of investment, but even still just putting the numbers down makes me realize I will have to find ways to increase my AH value and sales potential.

What did I do?

Obviously Shadowlands professions were heavy on the agenda. This week I have focused almost entirely on my main realm and crafting there. I started by leveling to 60 in parallell on both accounts to get access to all the base legendary recipes. I did run my rogue through the maw as well so I could level inscription and I’ve been doing a good chunk of Darkmoon Decks as well. I have sold Darkmoon Decks for 7 million gold, and I bought Deathblossom and Nightshade for a total of 5, putting me at nearly 2 million gold profit from them. Sadly all that profit has been dumped into base legendaries, materials and other items so I’m not actually up 2 million gold.


I have not been doing any multi realm flipping this week. I expect I will start that back up again properly when queues calm down. Currently my main realm has large queue issues and if I relog another realm i won’t be able to get back in and will lose out significantly. I don’t think cosmetics will sell too well right now and prices have not stabilized on anything that is a good flipping candidate on the level of BoEs, so I am staying put for the time being.

Lessons from this week

Expansion launches are always a wild time. Looking back I should have just crafted Darkmoon Decks and held off on leveling. Base legendaries turned out to be a complete dud as we did not have enough intro quests this week to get our rank 1s. Hopefully by the time next week rolls around they are moving. I also found plenty of good markets hiding in plain sight. Useful items will always be useful. Ilvl 151 gear sells well, even if the raw profit is not high it does not take long to craft a bunch and send them to your banker and the competition is really low.

Next week’s goals

The main goal next week is to sell base legendaries. I’m really hoping the reset and soul ash levels mean players start buying them. Next week should hopefully be more of a gold increase as more SL markets mature. I tend to prefer and do better in markets that are steady state. I do want to start reposting my auctions on my other realms every day, and I’ll be changing my operation to 24 hours and doing it at the end of every play session. The deposit costs are not high and I want the chance of getting sales even if my and most others main focus is on SL.

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