Shadowlands: Blacksmithing crafted armor

With players getting to 60 crafted gear for an initial item level boost is selling well. The darkmoon decks are the poster child, but even the item level 151 gear from other professions can sell surprisingly well.

Is item level 151 useful?

If you just hit level 60 then you will likely be sitting on gear in the 130-150 range. To speed up your overall progress and increase your ilvl getting some ilvl 151 pieces is great value. They are mostly fairly cheap to craft. Of course with players still leveling their professions many of the items are selling significantly below crafting cost. This does not apply to all of them though and you can net some nice gold!

My results

I have just recently started looking into this market, and I really enjoy it. The main positive thing is the relatively low level of competition. Even on a super high pop realm I get a lot of sales from a single re-post scan. As you can see my sales the last day are fairly nice, and I am missing the two most profitable recipes.

Rep locked recipes

The shoulders and helmet are both locked behind reputation. This means competition is very low. The shoulders currently have a price of 5000 gold on my realm, with just a 600 gold crafting cost. That’s pretty crazy! The shoulders come from Honored with The Undying Army, while the Helm is from Honored with The Ascended. To get rep you need to do world quests, quests and callings for Bastion and Maldraxxus. The weekly dungeon quests will also help provide a chunk of reputation that you will want to ensure you get.

It is not a long grind, and you may be close already depending on how many side quests you did.

Shadowghast Ingots

All of the materials are bought straight up except Shadowghast ingots. It is usually more profitable to craft your own ingots, but it will take quite a bit of time. If your sales volume is high enough you can consider moving to buying ingots to save time, but for starters I would suggest crafting them yourself.

Long term outlook and crafter’s mark 2

Longer term you will be able to get the crafter’s mark 2 recipe from Venari rep. Once players start getting this one the market for rank 1 gear will start falling. Crafters mark 2 currently will cost you about 200 gold, which is very little and will mean that the difference is cost is negligible. It will be possible to get this recipe in about 1.5 to t2 weeks if you have been going hard with ven’ari rep, at which point the value of regular 151 gear will plummet. Make sure you take advantage while you can and that you work on maw rep when you can. I expect the 168 variants to do even better as they represent an even better value point.

TSM Settings

As always with random stat variant items you will want to check the group every time you have crafted and add any items not in the group already. The setup will post one of each stat variant and uses crafting prices in TSM to determine the minimum price as usual. This means you will always post the item for more than the materials are currently worth, ensuring you make gold on average.

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  1. Hi there, so every time you craft you want to add the random stat variants you have crafted to the group until you have them all listed? Does this apply for items with higher ilvl created from Crafters Marks as well?

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