Road to 100 Million – Week 4

In many ways this week has been exactly the same as the last! I keep making sales, in fact more and more of them, but I also keep spending all my gold on more materials, leading to zero overall progress!

Current status

Gold: 17 904 826

Change since last week: -80 000

Weeks to go at current pace: Infinite

I have now finished leveling blacksmithing, tailoring and Jewelcrafting base legendaries, with everything at rank 4. So I turned my attention over to the next big hole I could start filling with gold, leatherworking. Material expenditures are obviously huge.

What did I do?

This week I managed to hit a new record, with more than 10 million gold in sales. I got crafter’s mark 2 on my JC/BS, alongside all the rank 4 recipes. Restocking is annoying, but I’m making gold. I’ve just been reinvesting literally every gold I get into leatherworking legendaries. At this point I am unsure if I want to keep going or not. Many rank 2 and 3s are barely selling for more than materials in LW, as there are so many players leveling it. I may just stick to the recipes I have, and make money with Tailoring and BS in stead. Tailoring is acrtually pretty profitable, even if the prices are lower. As it is the cheapest to level more players are already done leveling it than with the other professions.

Lessons from this week

At this point I am just all in on base legendaries. I reposted once across my other realms, for a decent chunk of sales. I should have enough time to repost more often on my off realms this week as I am so low on gold on my main realm. I need to stay more on top of crafters mark 2 gear, it’s annoying to deal with the inventory hassle, but the sale rate is immense, with very nice profit margins.

Next week’s goals

This week we will get rank 4 legendaries available for crafting. Hopefully prices explode as there is not as much oversupply there. I’m surprised at how competitively priced they are. Personally I am keeping mine up for at least 150% of the material cost as I believe the price will go up. I may want to stop investing in LW, to be liquid for BS, JC and tailoring rank 4s, but I’m not sure. Either way I don’t really expect to be breaking even yet, so I will likely have another week where my total gold remains flat.

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