Shadowlands Goldmaking: Best entry level Crafting recipes

As I’ve covered time and time again when you are just starting out with goldmaking you should focus on items with a high sale rate. So let’s look at some of the recipes that can make sense in Shadowlands.

High sale rate, low capital requirement

For someone who wants to get into crafting the best items will have high sale rates and low capital requirements. This includes both the cost to level the profession and to craft a decent number of items. High sale rate items generally means consumables whenever possible, but item enhancements and gear can also fill the niche.

We will focus on three professions that all can fit the bill, with inscription, Blacksmithing and Enchanting on the line today.


With blacksmithing the items we want to focus on for a profit are Shaded Sharpening stones, which sell well, the Shadowghast ingot which other crafters will often use in large volumes and can often be sold for a profit, as well as representing a cheap way to level your profession. Once you reach max profession level the crafter’s mark 2 gear represents a great market, but this requires that you have farmed rep in the maw, and a bit more capital. The ingots and the sharpening stones will help get you some quick gold that you can then invest towards maxing your profession and the crafters mark gear.


Enchanting is now very cheap to level, and you start getting access to BiS recipes as early as skill level 20 with the Celestial Guidance weapon enchant. Focus on the ring enchants, as well as the various eternal stat enchants for boots, gloves and bracers. Chest and cloak enchants also generally sell well. Based on US region prices it will cost about 27 000 gold to max trhe profession, but you will start making gold much earlier than that, and most of the cost is for the eternal enchants that you want to craft for a profit anyway.


Inscription is most likely the best entry level profession right now, especially if you can be bothered reposting often. The missives sell at an incredible pace, and you can level your profession skill to get them effectively for free. You learn the recipes at skill level 40 and you only need to craft inks, craft a couple of talent reset tomes and mass mill herbs to get there. The talent reset tomes can also sell for a profit and is another very high volume item. Overall you can generate quite a bit of gold with these and the main limiting factor will be the time spent to craft inks and the reposting.

Check your realm

These are not the only options of course, but they all represent high volume, profitable items that you can learn the recipe for with a very small amount of effort or capital. The value is generally not that high, which means many goldmakers will just not bother with it as the raw profit is too low, which is great for you. Once you start earning with these methods you can graduate into more expensive patterns from the same professions to really start earning gold.

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