Shadowlands Goldmaking: First look at Darkmoon Decks

At this point in time ther’s little value in rehashing content for BfA. Most of the methods that have worked are well known and have a limited shelf life, so let’s start looking ahead to Shadowlands!

Darkmoon Deck basics

Darkmoon card deck trinkets have been in WoW since vanilla in various forms. Back in the day the cards were obtained as world drops, but in later expansions the cards have been crafted with inscription. 

There are usually 4 decks, representing the four archetypes of specs, physical DPS, caster DPS, healer and tank. 

With 8 cards per deck there are 32 different cards you can get when crafting a card, so you will have to craft a lot of them before you get a full deck. 

Why are these so good?

These decks have the perfect characteristics for goldmaking. They are usually very strong for initial end-game gearing. Hopefully this remains the case in Shadowlands. In addition to this the mechanics with random cards and a lot of cards needed means you have to have a lot of capital to really get into it. 

With a high barrier to entry you can often get really strong profit margins, with decks selling for 2-5 times crafting at the beginning of an expansion. 

How do they look in Shadowlands?

The biggest change in Shadowlands is the addition of blank cards. Every once in a while you will get a blank card that you can use to make a random card from one specific deck. 

This will bring down the RNG a bit, and help you target the strongest or most in demand deck. 

For the materials you will need 7 each of the new Luminous and Umbral Inks and Tranquil Ink. The luminous and Umbral inks come from regular herbs, and the Tranquil Ink seems to come from milling rare herbs. 

Material quantities

The required materials per card look lower in Shadowlands than they have been, at least in sheer quantity. I don’t have any data on milling rates yet though, so hard to say how it stacks up in terms of number of herbs. It does look like it should be slightly easier to craft the cards than they were in BfA. 

It remains to be seen if this significantly impacts the profitability however. 

Go for these early!

The darkmoon cards were a GOLDMINE in BfA. I will most likely be targeting this recipe specifically as early as possible when SL launches and hopefully get the first decks onto the AH on the first day. 

I’m even considering leveling my scribe first regardless of what class I pick. These decks have been that good historically!

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