Shadowlands Goldmaking: Jewelcrafting 151 rings

The crafted jewelry has been really great in Shadowlands for me so far, and this is a perfect entry level market.

Gems are abundant

When prospecting anything you get an absolutely huge amount of gems. Players focusing on crafting base legendaries need a lot of essences and will likely end up dumping a lot of their gems for low prices. The Angerseyes are already down to vendor sell prices on the AH on my realm.

The market

The rings in question are quite good for their item level as they come with a guaranteed socket. That equates to a pretty strong item level increase, and makes them a great option.

Down the line when you get crafter’s mark 2 they will remain an incredibly strong initial gearing option due to the lack of main stat.

Since rings also cover every class and spec a jewelcrafter should be a strong priority for farming rep with our friend Ven’ari in the maw.

Haste sells fastest

Generally haste sells fasted by far, as it is usually one of the absolutely most sought after stats early on in an expanion. This means oriblase is by far the most expensive gem as each ring or necklace will require 8 of them. The others also sell well, as not every spec cares about haste of course.

Random stat variants dont seem to matter

The prices are low enough across the board that players do not seem to care much about the specific stat distribution. Overall I’m seeing sales on pretty much everything as players mostly buy them for the ilvl bump.

You don’t have to prospect

On my realm the rings are all profitable even if you value the gems at their market value on the AH. You could of course prospect, but that would entail a lot more math and you would also have to sell the essences, which may or may not be easy or profitable on your realm.

You can most likely just keep it simple and buy underpriced gems from players doing base legendaries and absolutely dumping their gems.

TSM settings

For this market my basic crafting setup actually works really well. As always with random stat variants you want to add each item to the group as you craft it so it gets posted correctly. For this market we can actually use 120% crafting so pricing is dynamic.

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