Road to 100 Million – Week 2

So we are another week into Shadowlands, in fact the first completely full one, so let’s see how things are going.

Current status

Gold: 18 906 670

Change since last week: -11 675

Weeks to go at current pace: Never reach it

I invested a lot of gold into base legendary just before the reset this week, spending almost 2 million gold on items and materials on my main realm. This put a huge dent in my overall gold, but we have been going back up ever since.

What did I do?

Shadowlands is still the name of the game. I have been focusing on crafting and I have tried a decent amount of different markets. Most of my profit this week has likely been from the missives, as well as a surprisingly large sales volume of rank 1 legendaries, even if many of them were barely at break even. I have all crafting professions at max, and I am constantly looking for new markets to test out. Item level 151 armor, missives and rank 1 legendaries have been the main focus this week, and I did get some legendaries to rank 2 while selling of all or most of my rank 1s for a profit. I have a feeling the dumping will fall off quickly as players realize the insane amount of resources they need to dump into the recipes to get to max rank, so hopefully margins recover.


I did repost across my other realms this week, for the first time since launch. Sales were relatively low, but that is as expected for a period where everyone is knee deep in improving their characters. I did two full repost sessions and pulled away 400k in sales from that. The rest of my

Lessons from this week

Rank 1s have felt really bad overall when it comes to profit. People are dumping them left, right and center. In particular tailoring is just extremely bad, but leatherworking is not far behind. I have already bitten the bullet and powerleveled some tailoring recipes to rank 2, but I am not selling my rank 1s. I’m not sure if prices will recover or material prices fall, but I’m willing to take the chance that we run out of rank 1s eventually.

At the end of the week I started crafting darkmoon decks again. As so many players have exited the market it is actually looking quite good again. Always remember to look for markets that were the flavor of the month. On a related note alchemy is starting to look good, and it may actually be to late for some herbs as prices are up quite a bit.

Next week’s goals

This week will have raids opening and m+ starting. This is where the expansion starts hitting it’s steady state stride. I’ll be looking to potentially enter the raid BoE market, and I will be looking to add all the professions to my active crafting setup. Hopefully enchanting and alchemy recovers, which is looking likely with how prices looked tonight on Draenor. I am also cautiously optimistic about base legendaries, so let’s hope access to rank 2 crafting and more soul ash will reinvigorate that market. It might just be another race to the bottom at every rank until we reach rank 4 though, which would be incredibly sad.

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