Shadowlands Goldmaking: Making gold with Cooking

With the release of Castle Nathria consumable sales are in full swing. Cooking is as always a popular profession and many recipes will now be in the green!

Cooking basics

Cooking gives you various buff foods that are very useful in high-end PvE content. Raiders and M+ players usually use them often, and food has historically been the “low price” consumable buff you use on every pull.

Sale rates and volumes are usually extremely high and this makes it a perfect market. It is usually also relatively cheap to level, which makes it perfect even for beginner goldmakers.

Cooking in Shadowlands

As usual there are two types of buff food, feasts that can be placed and feed multiple players for a main stat buff, and variants that is used by one player only that provides a buff to a secondary stat. Both types comes in two variants, a stronger and a weaker buff. This time around main stats are generally quite a bit stronger than secondaries, leading to many classes preferring feasts, but both variants always sell well.

Material availability is low

This is by far the lowest meat drop rate expansion I can remember. Tenebrous Ribs in particular is extremely expensive on many realms. This is actually a market where higher population more hardcore realms see significantly higher prices, as the demand dwarfs supply. It will be interesting to see how prices progress, but Tenebrous Ribs are over 200g a pop on Draenor EU.

Unlocking recipes

You get all the secondary stat foods and the lower level feast from your profession trainers. All of these sell for a profit currently, and are great candidates for selling. The BiS feast is available from the Court of Harvesters reputation at Revered. Many players might already have this, if you don’t you should make sure your cook works on his Revendreth rep as often as possible.

My results

I have not prioritized crafting too much yet, as often when I have been shopping for materials they have been overpriced. I have crafted a bit, and what I have crafted sold incredibly quickly.

I’ll be doing a larger batch soon as I do think this has great potential at the moment, and it’s very easy to craft up a decent chunk of items to then sell off over a couple of days.

TSM Settings

My TSM group contains all the currently available crafts in SL. I Would personally suggest sticking to the large meals and feasts, most of the others are crafted in too large quantities by players leveling their cooking profession, which has killed most of the profit potential. They are also less useful in raiding and M+, and thus much less sought after.

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