Road to 100 Million – Week 3

The base legendary market keeps both giving and taking away as I hit a great week in terms of sales, but my gold takes a huge step backwards.

Current status

Gold: 18 078142

Change since last week: -828 528

Weeks to go at current pace: Infinite

My Base legendary investments have continued at a break neck pace. I am now done with all Blacksmithing legendaries, and I have on tailoring legendary left to get to rank 4. Eventually I should start seeing my actual gold increasing, in stead of just re-investing everything as fast as I possibly can.

What did I do?

This week has been another one where I focus pretty much exclusively on crafting in Shadowlands. I have been leveling my Base legendaries heavily ever since I realised that the higher ranks generally are selling for very nice profits. I ended up with 6.4 million in sales to show for it, even if I have no idea what my actual profit is, as it is incredibly hard to track with the different ilvl base legendaries.

I did a single repost across my other realms, and the haul was not great. I did decide to invest in a couple of rank 3 base legendaries on an off-realm as I expect them to go up signficantly with the reset just like rank 2s did on this reset.

Lessons from this week

I realized that I was completely wrong on rank 1s. It is unimportant to make money with rank 1s. You make so much off of the rank 2s, rs and 4s that it’s actually better to sell your rank 1s for a loss. It discourages competition and the items clog your inventory too much anyway. I am making great money across all ranks of base legendaries except rank 1. I actually had to craft more rank 2s as some of them are currently selling for 4 times crafting cost. The demand is huge as they are BiS and more and more players are getting in on getting cool legendaries.

Next week’s goals

I have tied up pretty much all my gold in base legendaries and I expect that to continue. This week I will start going into the hardest of them all, the leatherworking market. Callous Hides are incredibly expensive. I’m hopeful I can get at least some recipes to rank 3 in time for the reset, but I doubt it will be many as the sheer cost is quite crazy.

I also hope to reach actual break-even across all the three others.

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