Shadowlands Goldmaking: Rank 5 and 6 Legendaries

With 9.1 now well and truly out and Soul Cinders approaching the critical mass needed for rank 5 and 6 legendaries it’s time to take a closer look.

Vestige basics

Rank 5 and 6 legendaries are crafted by making a rank 3 or 4 legendary respectively, with an additional optional reagent called a Vestige of Origins. Vestiges are BoP, and can be crafted by any of the four legendary crafting professions. Each will have different costs, as I covered in my post previewing the market, so you will have to figure out what the cheapest for your profession are.

Unlocking the recipe

To get the recipe you need to finish the quest Attaining the Sigil, which is a part of the Last Sigil chapter of the 9.1 campaign. To unlock it you need to be renown 44, and have your covenant campaign completed. According to the in-game unlearned panel you also need Honored with the Death’s Advance, but this was not necessary on the latest builds of the PTR, and I do not believe it will be.

Domination shards and new slots

Due to Shards of Domination the demand for legendaries will be extremely skewed this time. Most of the people prioritizing rank 5 and rank 6 early on will be progress oriented raiders, and the slots without domination shards will dominate (haha!). Jewelcrafting is the big winner, with rings and necklaces representing a huge chunk of viable slots. Cloaks are also going to be extremely popular. Below is the list with the slots that do not overlap with domination sockets for each armor type, which are the ones you should prioritize.

When can players craft rank 5?

A hugely important question is when players can finish their rank 5s at the Runecarver. We will be getting enough Soul Cinders to craft a rank 5 legendary after the second reset, which will be the week of July 13. You will then have enough Soul Cinders to upgrade to rank 6 the week after if you have done everything you can for Soul Cinders.

Korthite crystal and ability to pay

Korthite crystals will likely represent the majority of the cost of these legendaries. The price will have a huge impact on your ability to sell these items. The time gap between rank 5 and 6 is not that big , and if Korthite is too expensive rank 5 will not make sense unless you are an absolute top end raider, as going directly to rank 6 might save you more than 100k gold. Since you only get one week more at rank 4 if you wait I think rank 5s will see significantly less demand than rank 6s. They will still likely sell, but you have to get them out early and be ready to swap focus to rank 6. I would not suggest stocking many rank 5s, as little as one or two for each slot might be optimal. I would also strictly focus on the non domination slots for these as you have to be quite raid focused for the rank 5 value proposition to make sense.

Find your cheapest vestige

Check out my last post for a more in-depth view. You absolutely have to craft the cheapest vestiges you have access to. I would suggest making a custom source for your vestige costs, and relying on my operations linked below. TSM 4.11 does support optional reagents, but I haven’t had time to test it out, so utilizing the more laborious approach this time around will be safer.

Keeping stock

Legendary stock tracker has been updated to support rank 5 and 6. With the new TSM 4.11 it should also be possible to keep track of your inventory directly in TSM, which will save a lot of time. I’ve not had time to test it out yet due to vacation, but I expect it will work quite well.

TSM Settings

I have a planned implementation for TSM settings, but I don’t have access to the base items yet, as they are not easily available right now. They’ll be coming out as soon as the Vestige of Origins recipe is available and rank 5s and 6s can actually be crafted and are added to the TSM item cache.

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