Shadowlands Goldmaking: Valuing your crafter’s mark 2 gear

The optional reagent system is new in Shadowlands and I have now finally unlocked crafter’s mark 2 on my BS/JC. Now to use this with TSM you need to tinker a bit with your pricing as it cannot automatically calculate the cost of an ilevel 168 item.

Crafter’s mark 2

Crafter’s mark 2 is an optional reagent you can use when crafting the various rare ilvl 151 items in Shadowlands. When applied it will increase the item level of the item you craft to 168. This makes it very useful for initial gearing as you can essentially buy full 168 armor and go straight into m0 and not be a liability.

To get the recipe you need to get to Cordial with Ven’ari, so if you have not been working on his rep, it will be quite the slog. Many of you may already be done however, and if you are I would strongly suggest picking it up.


I got the recipe today and I have already sold a ton of stuff. Items are currently selling anywhere from 3 to 10 times the crafting cost and the jewelry in particular is selling as fast as I craft it. You can see some of my sales the last 12 hours below!

Crafting items

TSM does not currently support the optional reagent UI. To craft ilvl 168 items you will have to head into the normal WoW UI. You pick the recipe and the crafter’s mark as shown below and then when you click create it will be ilvl 168. This means you can’t use crafting operations efficiently. You can use them to quickly get the number of each recipe you want to craft, but not to craft directly.

Valuing your items

This is where things get tricky. If you add the specific item level 168 groups to a separate group from your 151s it will only undercut other 151s. If you use the crafting price source however, TSM will use the crafting cost of the base 151 item, and not include the cost of the crafter’s mark.

The best way to solve this is to make one or more custom sources for the crafter’s mark recipes you have. I have the mark recipes on my BS/JC, and I find that I want to prioritize JC marks as I can easily generate the gems from prospecting and use the essences  for base legendaries.

Custom sources

You will want to make custom sources using matprice(). Matprice is a source that uses your default material price calculation for a given item. If you combine this with some math you can essentially manually create the crafting source for a given item. Then you can simply use 120%(crafting+jcmark) as the minimum price in an operation where jcmark is the crafting cost of the Jewelcrafting Crafter’s mark 2.

Below you will find a list of all the Crafter’s mark 2 and related custom sources you can use in your operations!

alchmark: 15*matprice(i:169701)+5*9g+50s

bsmark: 15*matprice(i:171828)+5*9g

enchmark: 15*matprice(i:172230)+5*9g

engimark: matprice(i:172936)+5*matprice(i:172935)+10*matprice(i:1729340)+5*9g

inscmark: 15*matprice(i:173058)+5*9g

jcmark: 3*(matprice(i:173108)+matprice(i:173109)+matprice(i:173110))+9g+5*9g

lwmark: matprice(i:172096)+matprice(i:172097)+8*9g

tailormark: 10*matprice(i:173202)+10*9g

Implementing this in TSM

The screenshot below shows a sample operation assuming that you use the JC crafter’s mark. You will have to have different operations based on which crafter’s mark you have on your crafters as the marks are BoP, so you can’t swap them around. You could use a min() and compare two recipes if you have two, but in most cases I think one will just always be cheapest and you will prioritize that one.

When you make crafter’s mark gear just add it to the group and apply the operation in the screenshot and you’ll be good to go!

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4 thoughts on “Shadowlands Goldmaking: Valuing your crafter’s mark 2 gear

  1. this is how I make 100-200k daily, depending on how much I camp the AH. I hit 2 million gold and called it quits. without tsm it’s just too much effort.

  2. oh. one tip. if your goal is just to price match the competition on the gear than use auctionator. it will price/post and cancel scan the right Ilvl gear. not as fast as tsm but it works great

  3. Hey buddy, any chance to know if this operations also work with novice crafter’s mark ?

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