Road to 100 Million – Week 5

I am still spending most of my gold leveling Leatherworking base legendaries, so little progress on the actual gold, but a lot of progress on long term potential still.

Current status

Gold: 18 592 080

Change since last week: +513 938

Sales this week: 11.1 million gold

Weeks to go at current pace: 158

I am up to 6 rank 4 recipes for leatherworking, with another 4 at rank 3. I am probably more than halfway done, but still quite a bit of gold to go obviously. I might get close next week, but we shall see.

What did I do?

Again I only focused on my main realm. I did exactly one repost session on my other realms this week, which did generate about 100k in sales. Not bad, but not amazing. I started caging up and selling all my battle pets again, which is nice, but not enough on it’s own. My pet stockpile is running pretty low though, so I will probably want to start buying again. I definitely want to run more re-post sessions on my off-realm as that would be incredibly important long term for the challenge.

I have broken even on both tailoring and blacksmithing, so that is very nice and crafter’s mark 2 is bringing in a lot of nice profit currently. My sales this week were my highest since SL launched I believe, and we are rapidly approaching 50 million in sales in SL. The AH value on my main realm is up above 10 million now, so I am definitely getting there if I can just get my sales.

Lessons from this week

Base legendaries are so good. I keep most of them in stock on rank 2, 3 and 4. The value does vary quite a bit and while a chunk of them is posted for less than crafting cost I do seem to make up for it. I will be waiting one more reset where I demand a fairly large profit margin for my rank 3s, but I will be cutting my minimum price there once everyone regardless of missions can get their rank 4s. Restocking legendaries is annoying, but I’ve got a pretty good system now. Reset days are particularly important as tons of players hit new soul ash thresholds. Even my high pop realm ran out of the most popular piece, which was the plate legs for the UH DK legendary from the world boss.

This coming week elemental shamans get their BiS from the world boss, so I expect mail boots to do really well.

Next week’s goals

Hopefully I can finish off most of the rank 4 LW recipes this week. I also want to start running through my off realms on a daily basis to repost auctions. It looks like my Island expedition gear investment worked out as I have started selling the items for 5-10 times what I paid for them at the end of BfA, which is amazing.

Gold wise I expect it will be a similar story. Hopefully we can match this week for sales.

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