Shadowlands Profession previews: Engineering

Next up on our list of Shadowlands Profession previews is the utility profession extraordinaire, engineering. 

Recipe types

Engineers get access to a very wide variety of recipe types as you can see from the screenshot. We will only focus on the ones that can be traded in this preview as we are looking for what we can make money with. That means belt attachments and goggles go out the window as these are both BoP. 

Optional Reagents

Engineering gets access to the exact same optional reagents as the other armor professions. You can only craft various versions of Crafter’s marks to set the item level of you crafted gear. 


Bombs include three different grenades. The most interesting one by far is the Nutcracker grenade that is useable by Non-engineers in the current beta build. This could actually be useful for m+ in particular. It will be very interesting to see whether it stays that way and how easy it is to use on the move. 

The other two requires engineering and will be less valuable. 


Devices covers the various toys, jumper cables and other fun utility stuff. The momentum Redistributor boots are particularly cool allowing you to do a superhero landing and deal damage around you. All of these items require Shadowlands Engineering so I do not foresee them to sell particularly well. The wormhole generator does require Honored with The Undying Army, so there may be some opportunities there, but the other recipes are all trainer learned. 

Intermediate parts

There are four intermediate parts engineers will have to spend their time crafting. They all require some combination of ore, stone and vendor materials. They are only used in engineering recipes which naturally limits the profit margins, but some players may be too lazy to craft their own. 


Engineers also get to craft a single item enhancement, the scopes for ranged weapons. Currently there are variants for haste and crit. I’m not sure what hunters favors, but the sims will tell you which will sell fastest. Overall the scopes have not been doing too well in BfA, so I’m doubtful if this will sell too well. 


Engineers get to craft a single weapon. The recipe currently is an uncommon one, which means you don’t get too choose secondary stats with optional reagents, just the item level. It is a gun, and will compete with the bow from leatherworking as the main crafted options for hunters. I don’t think there is any performance difference, so the cheaper option will win out, and that is most likely going to be the LW options. 

Battle Pet

Lastly engineers get to craft a new battle pet. This one is intriguing. To get the reipe you need to be Exalted with The Ascended. If you are the first to market with this one you should be able to make a decent chunk of gold from collectors. Longer term it will probably sell at an OK profit margin, so this one is not the worst to focus on. 

Overall outlook

Engineering does not look too hot. No mount recipes this time around and the end game performance items are few and far between. The big potential saving grace is the Nutcracker grenade if it remains useable by everyone and it is actually useful in m+. Outside of that I don’t see too much potential here. 

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2 thoughts on “Shadowlands Profession previews: Engineering

  1. Really appreciate the writeup. After 14 years tempted to finally switch out of Eng. I’d miss the belt enchants, glider enchant, and the wormhole generators. I have Katy’s mailbox so the Eng one is redundant for me. Eng has been so lackluster the past few expansions…

    1. It depends on how much you want to maximize for gold, it still has a lot of flavor, but very weak interactions with end-game content.

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