Shadowlands Profession previews: Tailoring

Today we will take a look at the last armor crafting profession and see how tailoring looks in Shadowlands. 

Testing limitations

At the moment there aren’t any materials available easily in the beta, and I don’t really have the time to farm everything, so I can’t know everything. I haven’t had time to look up everything either, so we will be trusting the in-game unlearned tab to get an idea of what’s going on. 

Recipe types

Tailors get slightly fewer recipe types compared to leatherworkers. Optional reagents, bags, legendary base items, armor and bandages are the categories you get access to. 

Leveling Tailoring

As with leatherworking you will have to craft a lot of lower level items that are unlikely to sell well without crafter’s marks. You learn the 30 slot bag recipe at 15 though, which can give a cash infusion, even if the price will be low due to deep sea bags being a good alternative. 

The level 51 armor may be useful for players leveling alts, so there is a slight chance you can recoup, but mostly you will have to power through. 

Crafted Armor

The crafted armor for tailors follows the exact same setup as for leatherworking. There is an uncommon set with required level 51-57 that can take one optional reagent to increase the item level and a rare set for level 60 that can take three optional reagents for item level and secondary stats. The base level 60 gear might sell early on, but very quickly you will have to have crafter’s mark 2 to really make gold. For the secondary stat materials it will be very interesting to see how the price of missives stack up against just rolling the dice. If cloth is cheap enough it may be better to just crank gear out at random and take the loss on the less desireable stat combinations. 

The rare armor at 60 requires both Shrouded Cloth and Lightless Silk, whereas the uncommon set only requires Shrouded Cloth

Enchanting shuffling

Tailoring bracers have often been the best item for shuffling enchanting materials. This time around they only require 3 shrouded cloth. With the ability to always turn enchanting materials into other enchanting materials it will be very interesting to see how shuffling turns out. Anything from higher level gear to lower level gear can turn out to be best as there is an ideal conversion formula. 

Optional Reagents

The only optional reagents for tailors are the crafter’s marks for increasing the item level. This will be necessary to effectively sell crafted gear, but you don’t have anything to trade to other players. Crafter’s mark 2 is also the only recipe that is not currently from the trainer, and you will have to farm rep with the Avowed to get it done. 


Tailors get access to the base legendary items for cloth armor unsurprisingly. The recipe requires a lot of shrouded cloth as well as enchanted lightless silk  and an orboreal shard. We don’t know the source for the shard yet, so it’s quite hard to know how much of a bottle neck they will be. I fear they may be BoP and from dungeons, but we’ll see. 

Either way an enchanter early on will be key for all the intermediate materials. 

Utility items

Tailors get access to two forms of utility items, bags and bandages. SL brings both a new 30 and 32 slot bag. Both of them have fairly easy crafting requirements, just needing 20 Shrouded cloth for 30 slot bag and 15 lightless silk for the 32 slotter. The biggest news here is the 32 slot bag which will be much easier to mass craft than the embroidered deep sea bags and should completely shoulder them aside. 

Overall outlook

Tailoring looks weaker than both blacksmithing and leatherworking. You don’t get access to any consumable type item, which is sort of sad. Leatherworkers get armor kits and blacksmiths get sharpening stones so it would have been cool if Tailors got some spellthread back, but they don’t. the new 32 slot bag should sell well, but the recipe is easy to get so it will quickly get saturated. 

The enchanting shuffle may be a saving grace, alongside gear and legendary base items all of which should sell well, but tailoring remains the worst profession for those markets as blacksmiths and leatherworkers have better options to go with the armor. 

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    1. That’s the current state yes, but we’re still in beta, so everything is subject to change. I hope it’s not dungeon locked as that would be annoying for mass production.

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