Simple gold making tips: The Embersilk Shuffle

The Embersilk shuffle is one of the easiest ways to build up a starting capital in World of Warcraft. Several of the better gold making strategies in the game require a decent bit of capital before you can implement them (Flipping BoEs, mass crafting, expensive mounts etc.). So I thought i would write up some simple tips. In this post i will present the embersilk shuffle. It requires enchanting and tailoring, both need to be at skill YY or higher.

What is a shuffle?

If you already know what a shuffle it you should skip ahead to the next paragraph. For the newbies among us a shuffle is some process where you can take a large amount of materials and then craft something with it. You then possibly disenchant the crafts and use the materials for some other craft. The typical example is the Ore shuffle where you buy tons of ore, prospect it. You then sell rare gems as cuts or rings, and uncommons as cuts, rings or disenchant them.

Shuffles are usually effort intensive, but profitable. They also generally are very low risk, assuming you work in a high volume market. One notable exception to this rule is shuffling felslate through prospecting, which is very capital intensive if you want to eliminate the risk.

The embersilk shuffle

The Embersilk shuffle is very simple at it’s core. Buy Embersilk cloth, use it to craft Deathsilk Bracers and then disenchant them for Hypnotic Dust. Each bracer takes 2 bolts (10 embersilk cloth) and 2 Eternium Threads. You get on average about 1.125 dust per bracer. So the shuffle is profitable if you can get embersilk cloth at prices less than 10% of hypnotic dust. In my experience Hypnotic Dust has generally sold very well on it’s own. If you have enough cloth however a great way of utilizing both the dust and the cloth is by crafting embersilk bags. According to wowuction they still should sell decently well, I personally haven’t done this for a while as I have more profitable ways to make gold.

The new Legion 24 slot bag does not seem to have removed the profitability of the embersilk shuffle based on current prices and sales totals, but the amount of sales should be lower than when I did this to a large degree.

Prices on my server currently put Embersilk Cloth at about 1g and Hypnotic dust at about 20, so I would be doubling my money more or less. The optimal use of the dust you will have to figure out by looking at prices on your server. As we can see from TUJ below the price of hypnotic dust has been rising steadily since Legion launch and looks like a very good market to be at the moment. Volume is down though.

For selling the hypnotic dust I use the following TSM operation settings:

They are designed to take advantage of overcutting to sell at a higher price point by providing large amounts of materials in nice even stack sizes. You probably want to experiment with this.

Remember, this is primarily a method to supplement your main income or to generate starting capital. I am currently not doing this as the profit is not worth my time. If your capital is limited however I would recommend testing it. I have not tested out how the Legion 24 slot bag has changed this market, but daily sold totals on wowuction and TUJ indicate that you can still make a decent profit. Good luck!


3 thoughts on “Simple gold making tips: The Embersilk Shuffle

  1. I’m trying this right now, but my price just keeps getting undercut. How low should you go till it becomes unprofitable to do this? Or should I possible just buy everyone when they are below a set price and repost? This seems like something where there would be an infinite supply so you could never control the price…

    1. When I say infinite supply, I mean there’s not enough demand, so we would basically just keep undercutting until the price doesn’t make it worth the time to craft, disenchant and post .

  2. Depends how big the other players are. Check their posting totals on

    I would also suggest trying the end-product. Craft some embersilk bags, bags are always in demand as they are always useful.

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