Simple Gold Tips: Tome of the Tranquil Mind

It’s high time I went back to the basics of gold making. Today I am bringing you a very simple gold tip that has been a staple throughout Legion. I have mentioned it a couple of times before. The item in question is the Tome of the Tranquil Mind. It’s an inscription craft and it is used to reset your talents on the go.

This is another entry into my simple gold tips series. The idea is always to bring you some strategies that have very low barriers to entry and high volume.


The requirements are incredibly simple. You need a lvl 100 character with inscription. Just learn inscription on any 100 character and head to the inscription shop in Dalaran. The recipe can be looted from a container there and learned at inscription level 1.

What you can expect

This market has a really high volume. Profit margins are generally not too high. They do rely quite a bit on the price you can obtain Felwort at. The sheer volume you can move more than makes up for the low profit margin. On my main realm I can usually get between 10-20 gold profit per Tome. The last 3 days I have sold 300 of them, with only about two re-post cycles, so the potential is absolutely there.

Tome of the Tranquil Mind sales results

Crafting the tomes

The recipe takes 1 sallow pigment obtained from milling Legion herbs and 20 Light Parchments that you need to purchase from Jang Quillpaw in the Dalaran Inscription Shop. I like to craft Tomes in really large batches. They are very inventory effective as they stack in 200s. You will want to keep several stacks on your banker so you can efficiently repost them and they generally run out very fast! In general I do not use any TSM_Crafting operations. The main reason is that I will just use all the materials I have available when crafting so an operation doesn’t actually help. I don’t really do any other inscription crafting at the moment, so it’s as simple as turning all my felwort into sallows and tomes.

Milling your sallow pigments

The easiest way to get sallow pigments is to Mill Felwort. One felwort yields 2.1 Sallow Pigment on average. To figure out if the recipe is profitable you just need to divide the price of felwort by 2.1. That is the crafting cost for your tomes. If you want to be really efficient you should level your scribe to 108 so you can get the mas milling recipe, but if you are just milling felwort to craft Tomes then it does not matter that much, it is very quick to restock anyway.

Purchasing Light Parchment

To craft these you need to purchase a very large amount of Light Parchments. This is incredibly annoying to do using the standard vendor UI. Luckily TSM will help you out. If you swap to the TSM_Vendoring UI you can buy large amounts very effectively. Hold shift and right click the material you want to buy and you get a dialog box where you can enter your amount. You can buy more than one stack of 200 at the time which is a life saver when you need several thousand parchments.

TSM Vendoring UI

Selling your stock

I use two stack sizes in my auctioning operation: 1 and 5. I generally find that stacks of 1 sell really well. I have not experimented much with other stack sizes, but I find that my 1 stacks sell faster than my 5 stacks so far. The undercutting is fast and demand is really high so using longer auction times than 12 hours does not make sense. As the main use for these is by raiders you will sell a lot of them on reset days, so make sure you repost a lot then if you have the time.

One downside here is that you will be posting a lot of auctions, so you will end up with a very long mailbox. My usual opening went from 400 to 700 mails when I restocked consumables recently, but that is very much a first world goblin problem.

My TSM settings can be found here.

Scaling your operation

Long term you should aim to look for Felwort suppliers to keep your costs low, this will ensure that you can always undercut your competition and sell your stock!



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One thought on “Simple Gold Tips: Tome of the Tranquil Mind

  1. Let me just say thank you for this. 🙂 Fairly new goldmaker, didn’t have inscription at all but picked it up on my DH that was only used for shuffling silk to dabble in this. It has paid off. On my realm I can fairly regularly get stacks of felwort for 60-70g each, sell the roseate pigment for close to half of what I paid for the felwort, and sell the tomes for 200g each. So 6-7x crafting cost. I don’t sell a ton of tomes, maybe 20 a day on average, but that’s still 3k a day for basically nothing.

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