Simple goldmaking: The Shal’dorei Silk vendor shuffle

A simple way to generate gold for newbies has always been vendor shuffles. Today we will look at a vendor shuffle based on Legion tailoring, using the Silkweave Pantaloons recipe!

Vendor shuffle basics

A vendor shuffle is the simplest shuffle in the game. You purchase materials, then you craft a specific item, and then you sell it to the vendor. 

When you can do this, it is a guaranteed way to make gold. There have been vendor shuffles in several expansions, but old expansion recipes have typically been the gold mine for these as demand for the materials dies off and you can get it for cheap. 

The Silkweave Pantaloons

The Silkweave pantaloons from Legion Tailoring will vendor for 40 gold and 48 silver. They take 1 g 50 s worth of vendor materials alongside 16 Shal’dorei Silk (at rank 3). As long as you can buy the silk for less than 2g40s you will be making a profit. According to the Undermine Journal the current region price on EU is 2 gold, and on my realm they are as cheap as 1g40s. At that level you make about 16 gold per pants. 

This isn’t spectacular gold, but it is completely risk free and extremely simple. 

The recipe

You need the rank 3 recipe to really get going with this. It is obtained from being Honored with the Court of Farondis in Azsuna in the Broken Isles. It should be pretty straightforward. The recipe does cost 550 gold, so you do need to craft quite a few pants to make your gold back. If you buy silk at 2 gold each you would have to vendor at least 78 pants to make back the recipe cost. In terms of a vendor shuffle those are not particularly crazy numbers, so I would suggest going to town if you have been unsuccesful with other methods, as this is literally guaranteed gold. 

Speeding the process

The slowest part of this process is selling the pants to the vendor, so to speed it up I made a very simple TSM group with just a vendoring operation to quickly sell them all to the vendor. Just click the groups tab on the vendor window, select the group and click “Sell groups”. Depending on how it handles the stat combinations, you may have to add the variations to group, but doing so should be very straightforward from the menu.

TSM settings

Nothing much to say here. The group just contains the base pants item and a vendoring operation to sell it all to the vendor. Don’t apply the operation to any other groups so you ensure you don’t end up vendoring something else accidentally. 

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7 thoughts on “Simple goldmaking: The Shal’dorei Silk vendor shuffle

  1. I do this shuffle whenever I see cheap Shal’dorei silk. There are also two leatherworking ones that are profitable if you find stonehide leather or stormscale leather at 2g or less. You make battlebound shoulderguards or warhide shoulderguards and vendor them.

  2. 16k Shal’dorei silk purchased. Passed my break even point with about 3500 silk left, thanks to all the epic procs. Pretty great money making method, but I think I need more bag space to make it more worthwhile 😛

  3. Oh god. My life is nothing but pant crafting now. I’ve been sitting in Dalaran for hours. I’ve made so much money. But my god, what have I gotten into? 😛

      1. Hello, I’ve learned A LOT thanks to your site and already made almost a million gold with this shuffle. Thanks ! Mind getting Exalted Kirin tor on your Tailor so the reagents (spritethorn & runic catgut) are cheaper : 40 silver each instead of 47.5 (when friendly for example). When you make thousands and thousands pantaloons, these 7.5 silver cheaper can we worth thousands of gold

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