SL Goldmaking: 9.1 goldmaking overview

9.1 has been out for a while, and it’s time for a quick overview of goldmaking in 9.1 and what you can focus on.

Gear is the name of the game

The major markets in 9.1 are all related to gear crafting. This is simply due to the fact that the main new recipes in 9.1 are all gear recipes, with crafter’s mark 3, Crafter’s mark of the chained isle and the new legendaries lining up. By far the most profitable market is base legendaries, with absolutely insane profit potential and that is where your focus should be if you want to get rich. The other gear markets are also very profitable, and both Chained Isle and Crafter’s mark 3 gear will do very well!

Capital determines what you should do

For the gear markets the profitability scales with how expensive they are to enter. The more gold you have, the more you can make. Legendaries are the top dog, followed by Chained Isle gear, lastly followed by Crafter’s mark 3. If you can’t afford the higher tier ones, just doing crafter’s mark 3 will still generate a very high amount of sales.

Consumables are not gone

Just because there aren’t any new consumables does not mean that consumables are dead. Alchemy is showing big profits across a wide variety of recipes right now, and sale rates should be incredibly strong as most players are back in progress mode and want to optimize their performance.

That being said, I don’t think these quite compare to the absolute insanity of legendaries and chained isle gear, but consumables are staples for a reason.


The new vantus rune, alongside missives for recrafted legendaries should be the name of the game here. While they should sell well, there’s nothing spectacular, and legendaries and alchemy are much stronger markets.

Enchanting and engineering get nothing

Enchanting and engineering get pretty much nothing new, and the overall offering was already quite bad from a goldmaking perspective. Enchanting is pretty much just a feeder profession for legendary crafting at this point, as outside the enchanted materials it offers very little, as the raw sale value on enchants is still very low. With no new recipes it remains the worst ones.

Summing up

Legendaries is the name of the game right now. If you can’t afford to that, CHained Isle, CM3 and alchemy consumables are the best markets to focus on and they all give very good profits!

Good luck!

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2 thoughts on “SL Goldmaking: 9.1 goldmaking overview

  1. Have you found a way to accurately ‘restock’ the crafted gear? I’ve been struggling to know what to craft especially now that we can target specific stats with missives in crafted gear.

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