Speed gear is incredible

I was wrong, Engineering is not the worst profession in all of the Shadowlands, it is actually fantastic (if you can pair it with another armor profession).

I underestimated speed gear

I did mention speed gear in my last post, and this week I finally tried it out. And my results are through the roof, compared to my expectations. This is a fantastic market.

Some results

Since I started crafting these on Thursday last week I have sold over 200k worth of speed gear. They cost about 8-900 gold to craft, and I’m selling them for anywhere from 1800 up to 15000 gold (and there’s a LOT of 15000 gold sales in my batches).

The two screenshots below were taken two days apart on my main speed gear poster!

Getting in

To get going you need the Pure-Air Sail Extensions recipe, which is apparently RNG-based. It drops from two rares in Zereth Mortis. Tahkwitz and Garudeon. You can find them here on the map. Make sure you use the group finder to quickly get in on a kill if possible.

You also need to have unlocked progenitor enhancements, which you get from the Unformed Essence. It’s a zone drop in Zereth Mortis. If you don’t have it yet, just look for a mote of genesis farming group and join that until you get it for some very efficient group farming.

What do you craft?

From what I gather there are two main levels you would get a speed set for, either a level 60 or a level 50. As such we will cater to both. I crafted one each of every shadowlands rare armor with a Novice Crafter’s mark for level 50 gear, and Crafter’s mark IV for level 60 gear.

I suspect leather will sell best, as druid is the most popular class, but I went with every armor type just to check. I believe most of my sales so far have been level 60 gear, so I would prioritize that.

Selling the items?

Using dynamic pricing in TSM for these items is a gigantic hassle. In stead, I just rely on hardcoded values. I would also strongly suggest selling these from a separate banker with a separate profile. This makes it much easier to both keep track of your stock, and ensure you don’t accidentally price it as normal CM gear.

I currently sell them for 15000 gold as my normal price, and my minimum price is 1800 gold. 


I still don’t quite trust TSM with restocking specific progenitor enhancment gear, so I’m doing it manually. This makes it a huge advantage to have these on a separate banker. I can then go through each item, swapping in the Crafter’s mark IV and then the novice mark, and see if I have any on my banker. If I have zero, then I know I need to restock, so I add the sail extensions as well, and queue it up!

That’s it, now go out and get some gold!

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