Spreadsheet Update! Cooking Added!

I just added cooking to my Legion spreadsheet!

New versions are live both for Excel and in Google Sheets.

Remember to delete your old version of the google sheet to avoid it using up your API requests as this is a known and widespread issue.


Improvements to the JC page

I made some slight changes to the jewelcrafting Page. As someone has pointed out to me it incorrectly considered Maelstrom Band as a crafting end point for Shadowrubies, this has been corrected. The spreadsheet used the correct recipe for calculating the crafting cost for the rings, so not a huge issue.

I also clarified that the top values for ore is the profit from prospecting. I changed best method to most profitable craft to make it more clear what it signifies.

The new Cooking Page

The cooking page should mostly be completely straight forward.

If You Do NOT have access to a Better food Recipe or want to see the profit of +375 food recipes when buying the +300 Food from the Auction House set the Recipe Rank for the relevant +300 stat food to 0.

My spreadsheet supports all the recipe ranks for all relevant foods.

Good luck!

I have a dedicated support channel for my Spreadsheet on Discord. The majority of issues are usually caused by old or current versions of the Google sheets using up API requests in the background, so don’t store your key in B1 and delete your old version whenever I update it!



2 thoughts on “Spreadsheet Update! Cooking Added!

  1. Under jewel crafting in both spreadsheet forms it is reporting that the Gem Chip is at a different value then the actual market value. it maybe looking up one of the specific colored gem chips that use to come from prospecting and not the generic ones that occur now.

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