7.2 is upon us! Patch Analysis

Patch 7.2 is out! I went through the official patch notes here, and I want to share my thoughts on how it will impact the economy going forward. I will go through the most important profession changes and what effects I think they will have.

Crafted Legendaries

This is the single biggest thing they have added to the game. I personally think that these will do very well and will be highly profitable. From the item link on MMO-champion it seems they will be equippable at 101, so I expect these to do very well as Twinks will want them as well. The mail/leather effect seems to be amazing for farming. The extreme cost in terms of Blood of Sargeras will also be a VERY efficient clamp on total supply so i Expect great profit margins. I don’t have the bloods to get into these sadly, but if you do, I think they will be good.


The major change for alchemy is the following:

The herb reagents required for Potion of the Old War, Potion of Deadly Grace, Leytorrent Potion, and Unbending Potion recipes have been reduced by 50%.

Obviously this will lower the barrier to entry for these potions. The price will fall, and profit margins will most likely go down as well. More people might be buying at the lower prices however and these might be in higher demand for more raiders to the degree they outperform the Prolonged Power Potion.


Cooking has a small change with MASSIVE effects. Both feasts are buffed to +400 and +500 mainstat! This will completely outperform the secondary stat food for the vast majority of specs as far as I know. I expect secondary stat foods to fall in supply. For mythic raids a max level Lavish Suramar Feast takes 15 +375 stat foods and gives charges for all 20 raiders. So overall we should expect demand for +375 food to fall. Add to this that you can get food from Nomi’s burned offerings now and I see a decline in prices here. Rank 3 feast recipes will be amazing however. I also expect a major uptick in bacon slice prices (Already up by 10x on my realm on EU, should have checked patch notes earlier).

Depending on the bacon price equilibrium +375 food might stay as a meaningful cheaper alternative, we’ll see. Supplying people that have bacon with +375 food might also be decently profitable, but less so than today.

Obliterum and 815 gear

All crafted gear that previously was 815 will now be crafted as item level 835. This is a massive change and I expect it to be extremely positive for me as a crafter. With the base gear being 835 it will be in much higher demand. 500-2000g crafting cost items at 835 will easily take you into m+1 and LFR the moment you hit 110. I expect demand to increase and prices will go with it. Check out my guides on Tailoring and Leatherworking to take advantage of these markets.

I am very sad however that all pre-crafted gear will stay at 815. I expect to take a loss on my stock here, particularly the Darkmoon decks, as they are strictly worse (although the same if you are planning to invest obliterum into them, so look for deals when gearing your alts!).

The quest line for the Obliterum forge will be removed. This will decrease demand for the now 835 bracers, but I think the positive demand change will offset this (and I find that gloves sell almost as well already). This will lower the barrier to entry into Obliterum, but I dont think the price effect will be to big. The people who have the stamina to click enough to craft meaningful amounts of obliterum are already doing so. Profit margins might decrease slightly, but they are already fairly thin, so I expect this change to not matter too much by itself.

The change from 10-8 obliterum for max level will decrease demand however, and the fact that the base ilvl has been upgraded will also make obliterum upgrades less desireable. In the longer run this might be offset by people coming back for the patch. In total I don’t believe the changes are massive, but I might be completely wrong.


Blizzard are adding flying to the Broken Isles. This will make farming herbs and ore drastically simpler. I expect prices to start plummeting as players unlock flying. Sell or craft up as much of your stock as possible now. Prices might experience a brief upswing as people start doing 7.2 content over goldfarming however, so keep an eye on it. Long term the prices will be heading down. I don’t expect this to have a major impact on leather or cloth, as they are primarily farmed using server hop as far as I know. Flying won’t meaningfully change the speed of this farm.

Concluding remarks

I haven’t done any preparation for this patch as you can probably tell, and it is too late for it now anyway. I do think that the new 835 crafted gear will be awesome and I expect Crafted legendaries to do really well too. Make sure you dig all your bacon out of your bank, as it will be amazing! Good luck!




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