Spreadsheet Update: Inscription added

Evening goblins!

I just finished adding inscription to my Legion gold making spreadsheet! The new Inscription sheet contains profit calculations for milling, darkmoon cards, assorted recipes and all Legion glyphs! You can easily use it to figure out which crafts are profitable and which are not.

As always you can find the updated version at the following links:

Some notes on milling

I have not been able to verify the exact milling rate for Fjarnskaggl. Fjarnskaggl is usually the most expensive herb, so I doubt it is ever optimal to mill it. I know that the special drop from Fjarnskaggl is extra Roseate pigment as per this post. If anyone has the correct rate I’d love to implement it.

For the other herbs the rates are primarily from the linked post and validated with my own samples. The rates I use can be found in the Table below. If anyone have better estimates please let me know!

Milling rates Roseate Sallow Yseralline seed Gem chip
Aethril 0.425 0.045 0.04 0.02
Dreamleaf (rates include pod drops) 0.47 0.1 0.04
Foxflower 0.425 0.045 0.024
Fjarnskaggl 0.425 0.045 0.04
Starlight Rose 1.2 0.045 0.04
Felwort 0.425 2.1 0.04

Darkmoon cards and decks

Crafting Darkmoon cards will expose you to a large amount of RNG. I have found that you will usually need to craft at least 10 cards per deck to get complete decks. I have chosen to calculate two profits for the darkmoon decks. They are based on 8 cards per deck, the theoretical crafting cost and 10 cards per deck which is more robust to RNG. I suggest sticking to the 10 cards crafting cost when evaluating your crafting decisions.

Happy crafting!

Darkmoon Faire is coming up, so make sure you check out the market for Darkmoon decks on your realm and farm the recipe if it is profitable and you don’t have it.

2 thoughts on “Spreadsheet Update: Inscription added

  1. Hi i was wondering if it possible for you to include the sales rate on each item? i can see that they present in the TSM data, so hopefully there is a chance it could be implemented 🙂

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