Take advantage of the barter brick mania!

One new thing in 10.1 that was not on my radar is the new barter brick quests. These quests have you turn in profession items and give you 5 barter bricks. Given the extreme value of bricks everyone wants to do these, and the items required are very profitable.

Are they weekly?

The quests are not tagged as weekly, but they seem very similar to weekly quests to me. I’m assuming that they will repeat and swap between the various professions. This week it’s cooking and engineering that can craft the required items and they are flying off the shelves.

As of now the quests are still up and the items are surging.

The items this week

This week the items are Yusa’s Hearty stew, which you need 40 of and 5 Grand Banquets of the kaluak. The other quest requires 2 Draconium Fisherfriends from engineering. In general the region wide AH is great here as it creates HUGE supply issues as everyone is buying from the same market at the same time. The biggest limiter was the Hearty stew, and the price of the stew went from 50 gold to 120, and the islefin dorado price went from 30 to 135 gold.

Craft if it’s profitable

As long as the items are profitable you should be crafting, but be aware that the early part of the week is when most players will complete these quests and when they will see the biggest demand. We will also expect demand to fall off as less players care about barter bricks as time goes on.

Taking advantage of next week

Obviously we have no idea what items are coming, unless wowhead manages to datamine next week’s batch. The play then is simply to keep a smallish stockpile of materials at hand for all the professions you have. To really take advantage you obviously have to keep items available to craft a good chunk of every basic item, which may not be practical.

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