You can get the Dracothyst recipe in less than an hour of work!

So I talked about Dracothysts a week ago, and they are booming. I sold my first one already, and prices are great. Today, I’ll show you how to set up a crafter from scratch, in about an hour of work.


To get into dracothyst crafting you don’t really need anything. I havent tested it below level 70, but outside of that you can get everything needed done in about an hour to an hour and a half starting with zero alchemy skill!

Hitting renown 3

To get the necessary barter bricks for the recipe you need to hit renown 3 with Loamm. You get to renown 2 from the intro quests, then you do the 2 quest chains available in Loamm Niffen. The end quest for both give you 1000 rep, together with the 500 extra from the weekly you will hit renown 3.

Barter bricks

You can get the 25 barter bricks needed for one Ponzo’s cream, with very little RNG. This worked on both my alchemists, but the Sniffenseeking step may have RNG. You will get 20 bricks total just from the barter brick quests, 10 from the weekly turn in quests from Valdrakken and 11 from one time quests. The first one you get from the first quest from ponzo, and the last 10 you get from a quest you pick up from a snail that comes to you in Valdrakken after you hit renown 3.

The last 4 bricks I got from doing the second sniffenseeking dig with Myrritt. It’s possible this isn’t guaranteed, in which case you will have to fly around and look for treasures, which is the only other source of bricks.

Max Transmutation before learning the recipe

Lastly you want to max out your knowledge in transmutation before you learn the recipe. This is because doing so will mean you start with 3/10 charges, giving you 2 extra charges for free. Getting there from scratch is just 25 knowledge, which you should be able to do using the artisans books, or just first craft bonuses, treasures and weeklies.

Sell now or wait?

Really hard to say. I sold the one I crafted instantly for 11 000 gold profit. Demand will likely be driven heavily by the upgrade crests that won’t come until next week, so hard to say. I’d lean towards selling now and then in 2-3 days stop selling and start stockpiling for next reset.

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