Taking advantage of the Mage Tower!

The Mage tower is live with Legion timewalking, and it has some incredible gold making opportunities. Due to scaling effects old world gear, gems and consumables are suddenly best in slot and selling like hot cakes!

The list

There is an absolute ton of potential items to craft, with the wowhead gearing guide, and the consumable guide showing the basic list. I won’t be able to go into every item in this post, but the two guides on wowhead will get you the full run down. There are three types of items that are relevant, and we’ll cover the top choices for each:

  1. Gear 
  2. Consumables 
  3. Item enhancements (Gems and enchants) 

Mage tower scaling

Mage tower scaling is interesting in that it heavily prefers quantity of sockets, alongside some enchants and gems that scale to give different quantities of stats.

The Gear

The gear is quite simple. The best tradeable gear players can get is the crafted PvP gear from  Mists of Pandaria, specifically the Crafted Dreadful Gladiator gear. It does not cover every slot, but a lot of them.

Players will want the helmet, shoulders, chest, gloves, belt, legs and boots. The Helm and chest should be crafted with a Relic of the Past V for optimal Ilvl for enchants, and the rest of the slots should be crafted with a relic of the past IV.

Hopefully you have these recipes unlocked already, as they are unlocked by doing the MoP daily cooldown for your profession, so it will take a while if you don’t already have it.


The best consumables are generally the ones from BfA. This includes the Greater flasks, Boralus Blood Sausage and Superior Battle Potions. In this expansion both rank 3 procs, as well as the Tool of the Trade Silas Potion of prosperity were things. So to be competitive here you will have to have rank 3 as well as a Silas Proc to get the full quantity. If you don’t already have the Tool, it’s relatively straightforward to do the questline, as well as to farm the materials.

Enchants and gems

The last group has by far the widest numbers, so we’ll go through the three sub types of enchants, gems and other item enhancements one by one.


For gems the top choice are the unique + main stat gems, as well as a meta gem for the helmet. Most players will also want a Nightmare Tear. After that you can either go Queen’s Garnet which is Cata Gem or one of the epic gems from either BC, Wrath or the rare ruby from MoP. Most of the unique equipped gems are easy to get the recipes for, it’s from BfA and Legion. The Queen’s garnet cuts are more interesting. The gem itself comes from Dragon Soul, so if you’ve farmed that a lot you may have the required currency to get a lot of geodes, so check that out.


For enchants there’s a wide variety of relevant ones. The most important ones are the neck enchants from legion, and ring and weapon enchants from BfA. There’s also assorted enchants from other expansions that you can look up directly in the guide. If you have the Legion and BfA enchants you are well on your way though. As always with these two expansions the recipes are ranked, so you will probably need rank 3 to compete.

Other enhancements

We get to go down memory lane for this and actually utilize some other professions. Shoulder enchants from MoP inscription, the belt buckle from blacksmithing and leg enhancements either from leatherworking or tailoring are the things we can craft. Pandaria or Cata versions are the ones to go for here, so get rolling!


Check the wowhead guide for a full list of items players will want to buy to min/max the Mage Tower. If you have any of these recipes check if they are profitable and get crafting. There’s a lot of gold to be made right now and the Mage Tower will be up for a few more weeks, so there’s still time!

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