The other seasonal mount: Minion of Grumpus

Winter Veil is upon us, and with it, the ability to generate new Minions of Grumpus, so let’s take a look at this seasonal mount.

Seasonal mount basics

Like other seasonal only mounts you can only get the Minion of Grumpus during Winter Veil. As such this is both a good item to farm, and a good item to purchase right now, to wait for greener days. Generally seasonal mounts drop in price when they can be generated, and then gradually go up in value throughout the year. There’s of course a limit to how much someone will pay, as they can just wait to get it, but they are usually willing to pay!

Acquiring the mount

The mount is a drop from the Savage Gift. You can buy Savage Gifts for Merry supplies that you get from doing the daily quests in Warlords of Draenor. You can buy one Savage gift per day if you do all the dailies. It has about a 3 % chance of dropping the mount, so you will have to do this on multiple characters if you want to be reasonably certain you get one.

Flipping it though?

The graph above shows the EU region price for the mount from The Undermine Journal. As we can see it has consistently decreased in price around December every year. In general though it follows the exact same pattern as Swift Lovebirds. That means the optimal choice is to buy these anywhere in the next 2 to 5 weeks. You will want to sell these sometime after the summer, which is when we are the farthest from the event and players are most likely to be willing to buy them.

There’s no big trick, stock up or farm

There’s not much more to say. like the Swift Lovebird this can pay off nicely. Be aware since these can be generated every year there is a maximum level players are willing to pay. Also make sure you check the price data for your realm to be sure the price has actually gone down before you buy. Since the mount is a little hard to farm it will likely take some days before more really start showing up!

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