The BEST Alchemy recipes for Phase 3 Gold!

Today we will take a quick look at some of the top consumable recipes in WoW that we will be getting access to in the next phase.

300 skill = end game recipes

With skill level 300 presumably available we will get getting into the true end-game recipes in WoW. Some of the recipes we can unlock in the next phase will be relevant for the rest of classic, and they are incredibly strong. Alchemy was my bread and butter in classic and some of the receipes we will talk about today were my best performers in classic.

LIP, the king of utility

The limited invulnerability potion is an incredibly strong one, giving you 6 secodns of immunity to physical damage. AoE farming mages for instance will swear by these to set up their pulls, and they are also incredible in PvP and in certain PvE encounters. The recipe is a world drop, and you can already find it on the AH, although the price is a little high on my realm.

Elixir of Brute Force

Elixir of Brute force is the best tanking elixir late game giving a sizeable strength and stamina buff. For pure DPS there is a better option in the Elixir of giants. The advantage of the Brute Force recipe is that it is very annoying to get, as it is a random drop from the boxes you get for turning in bloodpetals in Un’Goro Crater. You will not face much competition here, so if you can grind for this recipe early you can take advantage of it.

Elixir of Giants

We are hopping straight onto the Elixir of Giants, the best strength elixir in the game. The recipe is a world drop, and can probably already be found on your AH. It is usually not too expensive to craft, which means players are willing to absolutely chug through these.


Elixir of Mongoose is the best physical damage elixir in all of classic, and it is VERY strong. The recipe drops from satyrs in Felwood, and should be farmable in phase 3. It is generally quite expensive, and farming the herbs at 50 will be annoying, so expect a high price both on the materials and on the elixirs. I expect some players will opt for the cheaper Greater Agility elixirs which is trainer trained, but mongoose does reign supreme.

Arcane Elixir

I am not forgeting the casters. The best recipe we can expect to see in phase 3 is the Arcane Elixir, which you learn from the master alchemist trainer. There are also some mp5 and intellect elixirs, but overall I find these to be less popular than the pure DPS ones, so Arcane elixir is the main one for casters.

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