The right enchanting shuffle will DOUBLE your gold!

In one of my recent videos I talked about disenchanting searches, now sadly they are not necessarily particularly consistent, so today we are looking at a MUCH more consistent way of generating items you can disenchant profitably: Crafting professions!

The value is in essences, so volume matters

Currently 80 to 90 % of the expected value from disenchanting armor comes from either the Nether Essence or mystic essence you get. There’s a 20% chance to roll an essence on the loot table, so you want to do large enough volumes where you know you will end fairly close to that number. That’s why crafting is so good. 

Blacksmithing is no good

Most blacksmithing recipes are simply too expensive. Sadly there are no classic weapon recipes with low material costs, so all the weapons are too expensive, even though they are a lot better with their 75% chance of getting an essence. 

Tailoring is no longer king?

Traditionally tailoring has been the best bet for shuffles. Sadly in this phase Mageweave cloth is still very expensive, and this leads to a situation where a lot of mageweave crafts are fairly expensive. The White Bandit Mask for instance has historically been one of the best items to shuffle, but it’s too expensive now. The best option for tailoring is likely the Green Silken Shoulders, with a crafting cost on my realm of about 50 silver. It disenchants into materials worth 63 silver on average, so you are making about 20%, so it’s not too bad, but we can do better. 

Leatherworking is the new shuffle king

I’ve found two recipes so far that are both quite good, one for nether essences and one for mythic essences. If the value of vision dust goes up, then the nether essence disenchants will be better as they give more dust. For nether essences the item is the Nightscape Headband, which you learn from the trainer. 5 Thick leather and 2 silken thread will do the trick, for 40 silver on my realm, with a 66 silver disenchant value, so you are making about 50% profit. Currently the mystic essence item I craft is even better. Green Leather Bracers is a vendor recipe, so you can grab if off the AH. Currently it costs me 34 silver to craft for a 63 silver disenchant value on average, almost doubling my gold. 

There’s no big trick

Simply check the disenchant value of these recipes in TSM, and if profitable buy a bunch of materials, craft the items and mail them to your alt. The items craft fairly slowly, so this is perfect to get some value of time where you need to put on a load of laundry or do some work on the other monitor or whatever.

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