The best early game recipe in Classic Hardcore!

Today I’m going to take a look at items that are mentioned in class leveling guides hardcore that you can get early on. I expect level 10 to 20 will be a hotspot for where players start looking to spend some silver on upgrading their character as well as utilizing the AH.


Most casters are limited by mana and using a high dps wand is often the best approach. Enchanters can craft two early wands that are mentioned in the leveling guides for every caster. That means almost every player planning to level a mage, priest or warlock will be looking to get these wands.

Couple this with the fact that players will die and reroll, and probably slowly build a bankroll by transferring gold to a bank alt we can expect demand for these early boost items to remain consistent.

Lesser magic wand

The lesser magic wand is learned at enchanting 10 and requires 1 simple wood and 1 lesser magic essence. It has a 5 silver vendor price, so unless you can sell it for 4-5 times that amount you should prioritize selling in trade chat. It is the first wand that casters will want and it provides a HUGE DPS boost at level 5.

Greater Magic Wand

The next one is the Greater Magic wand. For this one you need to get enchanting to skill 70, which is going to take a chunk of materials. It requires 1 simple wood and 1 Greater magic essence. I remember crafting these in early classic just to vendor them, and depending on essence prices that can work. They vendor for 15 silver, so unless you can get a full gold for them on the AH I would prioritize selling them in trade chat.

Deposit costs

Players won’t have much gold early on and the deposit costs may be significant compared to the price you can get. Advertising your crafting services in trade chat is probably a good idea to get deals off the AH. Remember to play up the benefits of the item in the message. e.g.

“Want to kill mobs quickly without spending mana? Get yourself a [Greater Magic Wand] today! 1g or your mats + 50s”

Also, start higher on the prices rather than low. Easier to drive the price down if necessary than try to push it up.

Shuffling materials

If you want to shuffle your own materials I suggest picking up tailoring. Recipes like the Brown Linen Robe at tailoring 30 can be disenchanted for strange dust and Magic essence. This can be profitable in it’s own right, and very good if paired with a thriving wand business.

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