You can make gold leveling (SOME) professions in Classic Hardcore

So Hardcore Classic has been out for a while, and I’ve been enjoying it! I haven’t played enough to get rich, but I have been pumping out some gold.

My situation

My warrior is level 16 and I have leveled engineering to 100, I also have all my skills and 70 silver left over. Then I have a level 5 character on my other account with 75/75 in Tailoring and Enchanting and about 2 gold. So obviously compared to players hitting 60 this is nothing, but compared to the average level 16 lowbie I’m swimming in it.

The plays

Wands galore

My initial goal was to get going on wands. This is something that every low level caster ones, and with players dying and rerolling demand was guaranteed. The amount of gold in the game was fairly low however, so the price was really close to the vendor sell price. Magic essence was also relatively close in price so at first glance the profit may not be there.

However, we can generate materials through disenchanting, and that was very profitable. I would scan for weapons in particular, as they have 75% chance to yield essence rather than dust when disenchanted. I also shuffled linen cloth into brown linen robes for disenchanting, but that is less good.

Wand results

I’ve ended up selling wands for a total of 5 gold. Not sure what my exact material cost is, since it has been generated from so many different places. Most of it has been through disenchanting of various item

Vendor shuffle

The other thing I’ve been doing is bags. Sadly the bag prices are way too low, at least for linen, but on the plus side linen is incredibly cheap. It is so cheap that I can make a little bit of copper crafting bags and vendoring them. Since I have two accounts clicking create all on linen is free.

I’ve bought 2100 linen at 23 copper average. At that price I make about 32 copper per linen bag, for about 1g 12s total profit. I don’t think this makes sense if you have one account, as your time is just infinitely better spent leveling, but to help your early economy and level safer this is great.

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