The best goldmaking method in WoW right now (5000g+ profit per item!)

I have to once again visit my absolute favorite market in Shadowlands at the moment. It’s so good that it’s literally impossible for me to talk too much about it. 

Crafter’s mark of the first ones

I’ve always loved selling catch up gear, and had great success with it in the past. And ever since I did the research on stat variants my profits have SOARED. This market is just absolutely fantastic, and I’ll share my secret sauce. 

This is a profit margin play

What we want to do is focus on the top stat combinations for item level 262 armor. I’ve had fantastic success with this, profit margins range from 2 000 gold up to 40 000 gold, on a very high population realm. The last two weeks alone i have sold items worth 2 million gold, and I only repost once a day. Based on a quick scroll of the list I estimate my profit at between 500 and 700 000 gold. My crafting cost is about 6 000 gold per item. 

Optimizing for the now

Jewelcrafting is out. JC was fantastic in the early patch, as rings were a priority slot. Right now they still sell really well, but the profit margins are very thin, since each ring only has 3 stat variants, so each variant will have a lot of volume. 

The best profession: 

BS 581k

JC 434k

LW 563k

TA 598k

Based on my sales volumes shown above all three are incredibly close. There’s no reason to prioritize any of them in a vacuum, so pick whichever you have available. Jewelcrafting is definitely in fourth though, so prioritize the others. 

Restocking stat variants

TSM still can’t handle crafting operations with missives. So the way I do it is by just opening the profession window, mousing over the recipe after adding the crafter’s mark and eyeballing it. I always use missives, and I craft based on the rules below. I currently don’t target every potential BiS combination, just the top ones. 

That’s it

The profit margin is amazing, if you need a TSM setup then check out the videos on how I set up my own:

Setting up TSM Correctly:

Choosing the right stat combos: 

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