The best methods to get early gold when starting out

Based on my first week doing the 30 days to a token challenge I have a couple of tips for players who want to get a bit of extra gold to start out. Getting gold to start playing the AH effectively is the main obstacle when you are just starting out and finding good sources is a must. 

Emissary caches

The 2000 gold emissary caches are super nice. Fairly quick to do, you get rep and other useful stuff as well. If youc an do them with gold reward world quests it gets even better. 

Old raids

Old raids are a tried and true method of getting some raw gold. The cataclysm raids in particular have been popular. The general idea is to go at the highest possible difficulty and vendor everything youg et including the BoP epics. Doing the cata 25 raids will net you a couple of thousand each as well as some transmog and a shot at some cool mounts. This might not be the most efficient farm, but it will give you raw gold that you can go straight to the AH with. 

Low price material flipping

Material flipping can be a great market to start out with, but at the absolute beginning you should take a different approach to the one I mostly use. When starting out your total gold will limit you so heavily that sale rate trumps everything else. Flipping from 80 to 100% dbmarket is too slow here as your volume will be too low to really take advantage of this approach. I suggest setting your maximum shopping price to 60% dbmarket or even lower and your minimum price about 20% above that. 

Craft only items that sell quickly

Crafting is one of the best ways to make gold in World of Warcraft, but when you are starting out you need to stick to very high sale rate markets. This means only items that are useful for maximum level characters. Consumables are generally better, but you need the right recipes. You have to be able to compete on price to make sure your items sell quickly. Getting gold back in hand is the only way to keep your auction house value and gold growing. 

I’ve tried out bags and Sinister combatant gear so far and had decent success with the bags, but no sales for the sinister combatant gear yet. It can be either a pricing or a volume issue of course, so I have reduced my prices. I don’t think I want to try to overcome the volume issue as 8.2 is fairly close, but I did sell honorable combatant gear all the way up to 8.1 so I’m hoping it pays off. 

Get raw gold, invest it in items that will sell fast

That’s it. You can make your items sell faster by getting them at lower price points, so do try that when flipping and when purchasing materials. You may also want to change the default material value in your crafting settings if you know you can obtain them for less than market value.

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