The BEST professions to make gold in Season of Discovery!

With Season of Discovery we get to go back into classic, with an initial level cap of 25. So what professions should you pick?

Obviously we don’t know

Overall the meta at the end-game will likely be the same as it was in Classic, with Engineering being the top dog. That being said the meta at lower level caps, as well as any surprises in terms of new bonuses means that everything is up in the air. For goldmaking all of the professions can provide gold, and there are even some new interesting recipes on WoWhead, so let’s take a look. We’ll focus on the level 25 meta, and then see what happens for the next phases when they roll around.

Consumables, gear and utility

Generally speaking the three main categories of relevant items in WoW is consumables for short term power boosts, gear and various utility items like bags. All of these can be crafted and typically show good profit as long as the items are useful. For the first phase I expect gear close to the level 25 level cap, consumables that are close to the level cap and bags to be the main goldmakers.

Consumables: Alchemy is king

For consumables alchemy have the main options. There aren’t that many, particularly that provide DPS, but there are some like the Elixir of Ogre’s Strength for +8 strength and Great Rage potions for warriors. Then it also looks like Enchanters get a BFD specific weapon oil. Blacksmithing has sharpening stones as usual as well. All of these will likely sell. We also have engineering grenades, which were a HUGE seller at max level in classic, but are more uncertain at level 25.


There’s a ton of gear options, with a particularly interesting group being some new BoP items crafted by tailors, blacksmithing or leatherworking using a drop from BFD. These are epic and look very strong. This will definitely push more players into picking their armor-profession for the first phase, as these items look VERY strong. Outside of that there’s mostly uncommon gear in the first phase, which I hink will see less demand. Outside of that the wand rush for leveling casters is well worth mentioning. These are HUGE early on and you can typically sell these quite well.

Utility: Bags bags bags

Bags are the main draw here. The main limitation early on will be the cloth we can farm. You can in theory get your profession to 225 at level 20, but whether we get the materials is another question. Bags are a staple goldmaking item, and make tailoring a good choice throughout.

Good combinations

The armor professions are looking very juicy for power reasons, and alchemy is my personal pick for gold in general. Blacksmithing+alchemy for double dipping in consumables with potions, elixirs and weapon stones is good. Tailoring+Alchemy is also great with bags. Leatherworking is less good. You can also go enchanting+ alchemy or swap alchemy with enchanting in any of the others for the new weapon oils. Personally I expect I’ll go alchemy + my class armor type, and then possibly swap to engineering later on.

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