The best ways to use your Cooldown cloth for profit! Dragonflight Tailoring Gold guide

So I talked about the cooldown cloth in my video on tailoring, and it works quite well, but there are ways to make it even more profitable

Q2 bolts galore

As anyone who has any tailoring alts will know you do end up with a lot of bolts, particularly q2. The Q3 bolts should always be sold on the AH as they are so expensive, and there’s pretty much not a single recipe you can utilize the value on the AH, but for the q2 bolts you have options.


If you have farmed enough renown on your tailor there are two bag recipes, the azureweave bags are a 34 slot regular bag, and the chronocloth bag is a reagent bag. The bags don’t have quality so this is the perfect way to get rid of excess q2 bolts. Get an uncommon resourcefulness tool (or a rare one if you are swimming in mettle) and crank some out.


The temporal and frozen spellthreads are two other options. If you’ve put the points into textiles after maxing all the relevant nodes in Draconic needlework you should have enough skill to hit the Q3 inspiration break point for spellthreads just using quality 2 bolts. This is a bit more volatile than the bags, and an unlucky session will lose you gold, but it can still be profitable. You will need almost max inspiration on your gear, and potentially incense as well for this, but it’s a good option.

Optional reagents

The optional reagents for embellishments are in the same boat as spellthread. You will likely have enough skill with Draconic needlework maxed to get them to the q3 inspiration break point wher eyou get quality 3 on an inspiration proc.

Small changes needed

Getting both of these recipe types going is very quick once you have all the bolt increasing nodes. As such it will be relatively competitive, but the bag recipes require 20+ renown wth Dragonscale and Valdrakken, which a lot of alts might be missing. If you’re already 20+ on your main for the maximum buff then you can farm the rep relatively quickly, with a time requirement in single digit hours most likely.

The build

Below are links to the build, along with a progression path showing some mid points to help you out. Once you have maxed out resourcefulness you can do whatever you want with the points. Unless you plan to do work orders or craft something specific like profession equipment for yourself I would suggest just banking your points until we know more about 10.1, as we have all possible bonuses for the core items we’re focusing on.

First 40

First 75 (both azureweave and chronocloth works, so just pick one side):

140 Draconic Needlework Max:


Max build:

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2 thoughts on “The best ways to use your Cooldown cloth for profit! Dragonflight Tailoring Gold guide

  1. So I’ve been wondering, you mention inspiration “break point.” Any chance to explain what that is? Also, I haven’t been able to find an answer, but how much of a difference does it make on how much skill you are short from making a breakpoint? Like is there a difference between 20 points short of a Q3 craft vs 5 points?

    1. The break point is whenever inspiration procs give enough to hit rank 3. If you have the inspiration node that’s usually half the recipe difficulty for 3 rank recipes. You can get a small amount of extra skill based on rng, so if you are close enough to the treshold you will get more q3 procs than inspiration alone suggests

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