Legendaries are back baby! 10.0.5 gold guide!

Legendaries are back! With patch 10.0.5 the Shadowlands Base legendaries can be transmogged. Suddenly this once dead market is blooming!

White transmog

With 10.0.5 players can now collect white and grey quality gear as transmog. This incldues the base legendary appearances from Shadowlands, and the effect of this is of course that it’s now worthwhile to post my leftover stock from Shadowlands! Long term we won’t be seeing the current boom, but this will remain a reasonable cosmetic market to stay active in.

The barrier to entry is gone

Ilvl does not meaningfully impact the transmog, they all look the same, so you can just stick to lowest rank 1. Surprisingly not all buyers seem to be aware of this, as the higher rank ones are actually selling for 40-50k at the moment, but I expect this to normalize. Since you don’t need to craft a ton of lower ranks to level up the only real requirement is to max out the shadowlands profession.

Material stockpiles are collapsing

With this a lot of players are crafting legendaries again, and the material stockpiles are falling, and the price of many materials is up significantly. Overall volume of for instance Shadowghast Ingots is not that high, just 51k across al EU realms at the moment. The price has more than doubled since last week, and it looks like it can maintain a high price despite large volumes also coming in.

Long term prospects`?

Obviously the top demand was when 10.0.5 launched, but I expect we will see increased demand for a couple of weeks at least, as not everyone has had time to check it out yet. I would not overstock if you are entering right now as we can expect materials to trend down in price a bit as peak demand passes.

What rank?

Surprisingly a lot of the higher rank items are actually selling for more gold. This is completely idiotic however as they all give the exact same appearance. Unless you already have leveled the recipes you should stick to level 1s with the lowest material cost. If you do have any 291s left over, then don’t be afraid to sell them for more gold.

TSM Setup

Below is a TSM setup that includes all the rank 1 legendaries that can be transmogged. We’ll be using a standard crafting based setup, so it only works if you know the recipe in question. Since the deposit is so low we’re doing 48 hour post cycles.

Good luck!


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