The first days of 9.1.5

As I covered last week it could make sense to prep for 9.1.5 and with the patch out and the results in things have been changing rapidly.

The initial rush

The initial rush of rank 6 legendaries was pretty wild. On patch day I sold legendaries worth about 4 million, and I was not cancel scanning constantly. I had not prepared too hard, I had 5 of each legendary in non shard of domination slots, 1 or 2 in the others, and about 2000 Korthite Crystals extra. I have since moved through most of my korthite, and got a ton of sales.

Korthite drought

With how fast rank 6 legendaries were selling many realms temporarily ran out of Korthite Crystals. You can see the region quantity and price for EU here. The price went up immediately as the quantity hit bottom. Surprisingly the quantity available for sale very rapidly bounced back. I have a feeling there must have been some stocking, alternatively Blizzard may have increased the rate, or it’s just more people playing the game generating korthite due to the patch. Either way this means that the price will be trending down again eventually, but how quickly is anyones guess. It could be days or weeks until we are back to the pre-patch level.

Rank 4 sales coming back?

Today my rank 6 sales have slowed down significantly, but I got a good amount of rank 4 sales. Initially my theory was that any rank below rank 6 would see very slow sales, but there are some cases were rank 4s might be better. It is easier to farm soul ash, than soul cinders, so it might make sense to go for a rank 4 legendary before you start farming the higher torghast layers to help you out. Particularly on alts, considering you can move soul ash easily with the BoA items.

Going forward

I think the decline in prices has already started. The big question is if it will be fast or slow. I have no idea, but if you didnt buy up Korthite ahead of time I would suggest holding off a bit, to hopefully get some cheaper korthite. It’s possible it’s profitable though, so do your own math. If you don’t have legendaries leveled, then I would just stay completely out of the market. Until we know if rank 4 is needed for new legendaries in 9.2, it’s quite risky to level legendaries, and even if you wanted to it will be better to wait until material prices go down a little bit.

How did you fare?

Got any great sales or good results? Share it in the comments!

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