TBC Goldmaking: Results from flipping materials for two weeks!

I’ve been doing a good chunk of active material flipping in TBC lately, and I thought it would be very educational to look at some results!

What’s material flipping?

If that question is going through your head right now, I have you covered. I have written about material flipping multiple times in the past, as it is the best entry level market in TBC classic. Check out one of the posts linked below, or my recent youtube video if you prefer it in a video format!

Post 1 

Post 2 



I’ve been logging in a little less than once a day on average recently, primarily over the last 2 weeks. We can see the summary for resale below for the last 30 days. Over that period I have generated 1337 gold in profit! That’s not bad at all, particularly considering how easy it is. Obviously, this does not even take into account the materials I currently have on me, this is just the realized profits I have from my sales.

What works best

As we see for me Mithril bars have stood for 300 of my 1300 gold profit. Obviously this is going to depend on realm and what deals you can find. You will make most of your gold with whatever materials you end up finding good quantities at a low price. Outside of that you generally need good sales volume to make gold. The higher the profit per item, the better your efficiency is. As an example we can see I’ve sold twice as much Knothide leather as Marks of Sargeras, and they have generated just about the same profit.

General items

I like both classic and TBC materials, my favorite categories in general are bars, ores and enchanting materials. These are among the most sought after, with nice price to vendor price ratios, so you don’t get killed on deposit costs.

The drawbacks

The biggest drawback I have experienced is the absolutely massive annoyance, the TBC AH throttle is. When buying out materials you inevitably end up buying out large portions of items in small stack sizes. Eventually you get throttled and the AH absolutely slows to a crawl. To counteract this you can prioritize higher value items. Ultimately the time commitment means that you are unlikely to get hyper rich just doing this, but for funding some raid consumables, or just getting started on your journey there’s little that beats it!

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