The inspiration build for enchanting is incredible for gold 10 million+ in a week

Enchanting has been one of the most profitable professions for me so far, so let’s look at the build I went and what you need to know.

Big sales

I’ve made almost 10 million gold in sales this week from enchanting, and I have not been posting and crafting every day. Sadly the TSM ledger is not quite on board with recording the sales, but you can see me roll through the entire mailbox in the youtube video, as well as in the latest Road to 100 Million gold video.

Inspiration is the only way

You need to craft q3 enchants to make gold with enchanting, and for the most part you can only reach quality 3 by relying on inspiration procs. There’s no material quality for any of the enchanting materials, so you can’t really bump up your crafting skill in any easy way.

The build

The core of the build is to max out Inspired Devotion. This is absolutely necessary for any enchanting build. Doing that your inspiration procs will get you half the required skill for your recipes. You then need to get the other half from a combination of crafting tools, skill and the generic nodes.

After that you will want to put points into Enchantment. The Primal and weapon side has more priecy enchants, whereas if you want something that requires less inspiration then I suggest going Material Manipulation and getting waking stats and the ring enchants. The inspiration enchant for the profession tools is also very good.

Basic build:

Maxing inspiration

On top of the build you will want as much inspiration as possible, as it gives you a higher rate of procing quality 3. You can get inspiration on your profession tool, and that is a necessity. I would suggest using a max rank inspiration missive when you craft your rare +10 skill rod. You should also enchant it with a max rank Draconic Inspiration. Lastly you can use the Sagacious Incense consumable. In most cases it will be worth it as long as you can use the full duration. The quality only increases the duration, so don’t overpay for quality 3. 

Will I profit?

To figure out if you can earn gold from a recipe you can use this sheet. Simply input the crafting cost, the value of q2 and the value of q3 enchants. Then you add your inspiration % chance to proc and the sheet will show a profit or loss. I am currently sitting at 30% inspiration and most enchants are profitable for me.


You will end up with a huge amount of quality 2s. Personally I just dump all of them on the AH at once with the base UI to speed up my TSM scans. I’ll then post my quality 3 enchants with rules based on hardcoded gold values. My current minimum price is 1000 gold for devotions and waking stats and then between 10 000 and 20 000 for writs and draconic inspiration, but this is something you have to revise fairly often.

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8 thoughts on “The inspiration build for enchanting is incredible for gold 10 million+ in a week

    1. Yeah, that part of professions sucks in Dragonflight. Nothing worse than having a bricked crafter (I have a couple myself)

      1. I hear that comment a lot – about how going the “wrong” way on a crafter means that profession is “dead”. Isn’t it just the case that it will take a bit longer to get to the build? Or are you saying that by the time you get there, the margins will be too low?

        1. Depending on how many points you’ve put in you can either pivot or it will be so slow that swapping to another profession and going directly for a good build.might be better

        2. By the time you get there it’s dead. With enchanting now you lose gold on every rank 2 you make. So unless you get really lucky with inspiration procs, you will lose gold. I’ve lost 400k trying to make gold with Ench and Alch. Both of those professions are dead now. I’m probably just going to drop them both so I’m not tempted to try and make any gold with them and just keep losing.

          1. weapon ench is dead idd unless someone reset the market but tools and armor ench can have profit ofc crafting a lot and post cancel as well

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