Reach quality 3 rare gems guaranteed with this build!

Today I’m going to show you the build I currently have on my jewelcrafter, which can guarantee quality three rare gems, which is a nice way to make some very fast gold.

The quality 3 motherlode

Two days ago I finally reached the skill threshold to guarantee quality 3 air gems. With raids opening up the gems are flying off the shelves. With the ability available to guarantee quality 3 gems, you now need to have the skill to guarantee quality 3 if you want to compete. You also need to stack as much resourcefulness and multicraft as possible, as this is generally where the profit will be.

The build

To reach guaranteed quality 3 you will have to invest heavily into one elemental gem type. I chose air, but I believe any of them will work. You do not need to push for the absolute final points, but it depends slightly based on what tools you have, as well as how high you’ve managed to push your profession skill. The final node epic gems do give skill ups, which is a point in their favor. Depending on your skill you may have to shift more points into the Air node, after that you can choose between working on a new gem type, or putting points into the resourcefulness node in Jeweler’s Toolset Mastery.

Profit calculations

I updated my trusty inspiration calculator from the Enchanting post a couple of days ago. It now includes a part specifically for pure resourcefulness/multicraft calculations. I have not been able to 100% verify how multicraft works, so we are just modeling it as a pure extra proc chance. Either way both multicraft and resourcefulness will rely on large sample sizes to provide the expected value, if you just do a couple of crafts the variability in procs will be huge.

Simply input your crafting cost, the price of the item and your stats and you’ll get a profit calculation.

Gem recipes

The rare gem recipes come from two sources. They either come as the nodes along each elemental types knowledge tree, you can get two recipes for each element. The rest of the recipes come from renown with Dragonscale Expedition and the Iskaara Tuskarr. You need 9 renown with the Dragonscale and 10 with the Tuskarr. The tuskarrs are a lot more annoying, so if you are not already on the way it will be hard to get there.

TSM settings

I can’t provide a full setup that covers all the gems as you will have slightly different stats. I suggest using a simple hardcoded operation. The import below includes all the q3 gems, split up by element. I suggest changing the minimum price in the operation, it is set very high by default so you have to set it lower to get it to work for you. Good luck and happy hunting!

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