The Lazy Goldmaker’s guide to useful goldmaking addons

World of Warcraft is a game that can be changed massively through the use of addons. Getting the right ones will improve your performance considerably. In this post I will go through my favorite addons related to goldmaking. 

Auction house addons

This is the most important category for goldmaking. Here you will find addons that change the functionality of the auction house. 


This one is of course no surprise, as I just finished my guide to TSM4. This addon is by far the most powerful auction house and profession addon in the game. It dwarfs anything else. The downside is of course that the addon has a pretty sizeable learning curve and may be overkill for your situation.  If that’s you, then you may want to check out some of the other options.

TSM UI screenshot


Auctionator UI screenshot

Auctionator is a lightweight auction addon that adds a new selling and buying UI. This one makes it much easier to buy items as you get a list of all the auctions and stack sizes on a single page, rather than spread out if you use the default UI. It is very useful, and extremely easy to use. 


Goblineer UI screenshot

Goblineer is a simple addon that just adds pricing data for an item to your tooltip. If you’re already using TSM this isn’t particularly useful, but if you’re not then this is a great little addon. 

Auction and Sniping

Auction and Sniping (AnS) is a lightweight alternative to TSM that is focused only on making a simple UI for posting auctions and sniping. The addon should be fairly simple to use and is great for players looking for slightly more functionality than auctionator without going whole hog into TSM. 

Farming addons

Obviously if you are farming you will want to get some addons that can help you out. Depending on what farm you are doing your selection will vary. I don’t really do much farming, so I may be missing some addons here. 


LootAppraiser UI screenshot

LootAppraiser will help you figure out the value of the items you are farming. It will register any loot and then give you a gold per hour calculation. It relies on TSM data for pricing. It’s very nice for comparing farm spots, but you will have to put in an entire hour to get accurate GPH prices. 


Gathermate2 will help you if you farm using gathering professions. It will collect data every time you interact with a node and add it’s location to the map, you can then easily check the spawn spots when going around to save time as you don’t have to scan the entire zone. 

Utility addons

Lastly we will take a look at some utility addons that will help improve other systems or help you keep track of your gold. 


Altoholic UI screenshot

Altoholic is great if you have a lot of characters or if you have multiple realms. It will help you remember mails before they expire. I mostly use it to keep track of my total gold across multiple realms though. 


BattlePetCageMatch UI screenshot

This one is only really useful for flipping battle pets crossrealm, but it is pretty much a necessity for that market. It will add a button to your pet journal that will cage one of each pet so you can easily post them to the AH.

Wido’s WoW Token Watch

This addon will simply add a window that pops up when the token price changes. It’s nice for keeping track of the token price in game. 


TradeForwarder will add you to a chat channel with everyone else who has the addon. As long as one person with the addons is in a city that person will forward everything that gets posted in trade so you can pay attention to any deals even while out in the world. It is quite useful for picking up stuff in trade, as there are great deals available there regularly. 


On the heels of tradeforwarder comes BadBoy. This addon will help you by automatically blocking and reporting spam messages. The first time I installed it I was amazed at how clean trade chat became. An absolute must have to avoid all the spam for illegal gold selling. 

What did I miss?

Have an addon I missed? Put it in the comments. I am always on the lookout for tools that can help me achieve more in the game. WoW without addons is a much less interesting game than it is with addons. Hopefully I helped you find some addons you weren’t aware of and I can help you achieve more!

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4 thoughts on “The Lazy Goldmaker’s guide to useful goldmaking addons

  1. Farmhud. It adds a hud over your screen of your minimap complete with nodes. So you don’t have to keep looking at your minimap when out farming. It works well together with Gathermate.

    1. I haven’t noticed any errors personally, but I just use it to check my total gold every once in a while.

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