The method that makes you REALLY rich in World of Warcraft

Today I’m covering high end gear flipping. One of the best ways to make large amounts of gold with really low effort.

Why is it so good?

Really strong gear is generally the most valuable thing in World of Warcraft. Most players care about doing big damage, or just making their character stronger. This means they are generally willing to pay a lot of gold to get these items. As such this is the single most expensive group of items in almost every version of WoW!

They need to misprice them

For you to successfully flip something there has to be a significant chance that someone will misprice the item. This does not happen for every item. For instance if it is an item with no variations and fairly high drop rate, then there will almost always be many up on the AH, and people will just post it around the current market price.

Now if the item has multiple variants, like uncommon drops with different stat affixes, or if it is very rare so there’s a good chance there’s none or just one on the AH, then it is much harder for players to know what the value truly uis. And this is where you can find deals.

Case study: spellpower greens

Originally I was going to make this video a guide about this specific market, but I started doing the research the same day phase 2 got announced, so it will be a case study in stead.

For casters in SoD the best in slot item in certain slots is random world drop uncommons with the correct spellpower affix (fiery wrath, shadow wrath etc.). There are always many variants of this item on the AH, but for the correct affix there might just be one. Since these items are literally either Best in slot, or very close to the BiS item depending on slot they have very high value.

My results

The item I had the most success with is fiery wrath cloaks. The Wowhead BiS guide lists the elder cloak, but I realized the durable cloak type has the same amount of spellpower. Since it’s not listed in the guide players may not realize it is as good, but players searching the AH for fiery wrath cloaks would find it. I was able to snag multiple of these

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