Engineering: Still the most underrated goldmaking profession in SoD!

We did our first speedrun in BFD this week, which taught me a couple of very relevant consumables that players use. As always we are going back to the old stalwart of engineering!

Dynamite and dummies

There are two items we are looking at, and both are extremely strong. Heavy Dynamite gives you a significant amount of AoE damage, on a fairly short cooldown. This makes it VERY good, particularly when you combine it with the other engineering consumable here, target dummies. The speedrun relies in many situations on gathering up large swathes of trash, plopping down target dummies and sending heavy dynamites to do a large burst of damage. The synergy is VERY strong, in our run where we only had 4 engineers, heavy Dynamite was still 5% of the overall damage done in all of BFD.

But only engineers can use these?

Yes everyone who can use these can likely craft them. As we all know however, classic is full of dad gamers and other players for whom time is a finite resource (that’s literally all of us). So if you have raid in 15 minutes and you don’t have TSM installed, figuring out what materials to buy in what quantities and crafting is not particularly high value. So they will just buy them (Even I did that on Sunday to prepare for my speedrun).

Getting the recipes

Both the recipes are just learned from your trainer, with Target Dummies requiring 85 skill and Heavy Dynamite requiring 125. If you don’t have an engineer yet you should definitely get one, as engineering consumables only get better as we go along!

TSM Settings

I suggest selling these in a couple of different stack sizes. For the dynamites stacks of 5, 8 and 10 all make sense allowing people to pay a little extra to get the best amount for them. Dummies have a longer cooldown, and I would suggest slightly fewer of those, stacks of 1, 2 and 4 make sense to me here.


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