The most important preparation for Cataclysm Goldmaking! (You can get started right now)

The cataclysm pre-patch and launch date has been announced, and so the final stretch of preparing for Cataclysm.


As we approach cataclysm and a new expansion it is time to get rid of the old to prepare for the new. A lot of Wrath items will be past their peak and will only trend down for the next couple of weeks. Selling while the items still have some amount of value is great. Now a lot of items will keep their value, so you don’t want to sell everything right away, but the time is now to stop restocking and slowly sell off your stock so you have as much gold ready to go.

Prepare profession alts

As always we want to have all the professions ready to go in Cataclysm. In Cataclysm your characters need to be level 80 to get to the cata zones to train professions, and some recipes even require you to hit level 84 to unlock the quest hub in Twilight Highlands. If you want to cover every profession you will have to level at least 4 characters to level 80, and you want to have them all with maxed out professions. Profession combinations don’t matter too much, so just pick whatever you prefer for PvE on your main and then spread the rest out.

Take advantage of current markets

Markets that will keep value should be kept rolling. The most obvious ones is glyphs which mostly will still be relevant after cata rolls around. Now the system does change so you only need to learn each glyph once, but for patch day when everyone will want to fill out their glyph books we should see a massive demand pull.

Farm archeology?

If you have an alchemist you may want to consider pre-leveling archeology. The main benefit would be to enable you to farm for the Vial of the Sands Recipe. The grind is VERY long on average however, but if you are the first one to get the recipe you can likely earn a lot of gold.

Transmog investments

Cataclysm brings transmog to the game, and certain items will now have a lot of value going forward. Transmog was an incredible gold maker when it was added, and there are probably a lot of cool BoEs that are still underpriced on the AH. If you are on one of the smaller realms that will be merged you might be able to snag some really good deals before you transfer, so check that out. An example would be the Glorious Breastplate and leggings for the ever popular “platekini” type of transmog sets. You can also farm for various recipes such as the Phantom Blade recipe, which used to be for weaponsmiths, but in Cata it is a BoP drop from banshees in Stratholme.

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