Yes, Engineering is a fantastic goldmaking profession!

With access to level 300 professions we can now craft some of the strongest consumables in all of classic including the Goblin Sapper charge.

Engineering consumables are incredible

The various explosives you can use as an engineer are all absolutely incredibly strong. They provide a large chunk of AoE Damage and in the case of grenades a stun on top. In general the damage effect is the biggest one, and sappers are huge in the raid.

Goblin Sapper

The biggest one by far is the Goblin Sapper Charge. The recipe requires goblin engineering to craft, but with the new questlines in Season of discovery you can also unlock the recipe if you are a gnomish engineer. It does require a bit of work, so going goblin is easier.

Dense Dynamite

A cheaper alternative for pure damage is dense dynamite. The recipe can be learned from your trainer, and requires only 250 skill. I find that players generally prefer the top dog consumable, and I’ve had more success with the sapper charges.


The grenade type explosives also cause a stun, and are the go to choices for PvP. I had a lot success with Thorium grenades in classic, but the Iron grenade provides the same crowd control benefit for a lot less gold as the Thorium Grenades are VERY expensive right now.

Maximizing profits

In my opinion sourcing sapper as cheap as possible is the main way we get profit here. The most important part of that is to find solid stone at cheap prices. You need massive amounts of solid Stone to keep sappers in stock, so you want to buy up solid stone whenever it’s cheap. The other materials generally fluctuate less in price, so stone is where the largest effect is. 

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