The XP Buff is live, Here’s how you can take advantage of it to get RICH!

Blizzard just added a 100% xp buff to Season of Discovery! We can expect a lot of levelers over the next week, so let’s make some gold off them!

Alts need everything

Generally speaking alts need everything, but certain staples are the most important ones. Gear, bags and any items needed to speedrun reputations or unlock specific things. 

Pre-bis gearing

Gearing is a big factor, but sadly the profession related items in this phase are quite limited. Ultimately only casters want any meaningful amount of gear from professions for their gear set. Luckily casters are the Flavor of the month archetype for this phase. If you do not have a tailor at max skill, now is the time. 

The Salvage shuffle

More alts means more players wanting to craft their epic items. Of course the salvages are still trending down in price, so whether or not this is profitable will vary. I expect the demand from alts will help flatten out the curve here, but this is still a market that is very much going to be trending downwards for the foreseeable future. 

Quest turn-ins

There are quite a few quests that require you to turn in various profession items. These can often be profitable, but the value varies. Below is a list of all the items I’ve found that are required for a quest below level 40. I have not included profession turn-ins, as they are generally not available, or not a part of general leveling strategies. I have bolded some entries, that are tied to the quest line from Lotwil veriatus in Badlands. This is by far the most well known turn-ins, and there are multiple quests in a row that just requires you to bring these items to him, making it very popular.


Bags are always needed for alts and players will want to buy the biggest bags money can buy. 16 slotters are very expensive, but there are multiple ways to acquire 14 slotters for sale, as well as lower level ones. As an example the 10 slot Silk packs are selling for almost double the material cost today. 

TSM Setup

Below is the import string for the quest turn in items. 


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