These items carried my early wrath goldmaking!

Wrath is out and the gold is flowing. I’ve found a little niche I underestimated a bit before launch, which is fantastic for those of you who are not already rich.

Cheap entry level gear is great

A niche I absolutely love is the cheaper entry level gear. The reason I like this so much is that a much larger group of players will think it worth the gold. The amount of buyers at 200g per gear piece absolutely dwarfs the number of buyers at 1000. I’ve started crafting these pieces for all the professions, and the results are great!


Obviously pre-bis pieces in this category are great. I’ve sold more than 15 Vengeance bindings in the last 48 hours alone. Clocking in at an average profit of 100g, that’s pretty nice. The other great example is Eaglebane Bracers, which is also great.

The other pre-bis

The group of items I absolutely underestimated however is the pvp entry level gear. This is relatively cheap, and even if it is worse than the entry level honor gear, the fact that you can get a complete set of items instantly for 150-400g per piece makes it a complete no brainer for loads of people.

Overall results

Over the last 5 days since I started crafting these things I have generated 10 400 gold in sales, just from blacksmithing. I’de estimate about half of that is profit, and I have a bunch more sales coming in today already.

The approach

Currently I craft two of every piece that is profitable. then I make sure I keep them up on the AH as much as possible. Cancel scanning will help, but this market is not as cutthroat as glyphs or gems, so you will not get undercut instantly.

For some pieces i craft significantly more, My most recent Vengeance bindings restock was 10 of them, as they sell so fast.

TSM settings

Below you can find my TSM settings. The group includes the pvp armor for leatherworking, tailoring and Blacksmithing alongside the two rare pre-bis bracers I’ve had success with. There’s no crafting operation included, as the optimal quantity to craft depends on your gold totals and sale rates. It will only post for 12 hours at the time to minimize posting costs.


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