Raids are open, and Potions are booming!

Raids are opening and alchemy is on the rise. This profession is a goldmaking stalwart, so let’s look at the best approach and some TSM settings.

Profit calculations

Getting the right profit calculation is imperative for alchemy. There are two things to consider, number one is getting the right material price, and the other side is to account for your profession specialization and the extra procs.

Material prices

Material prices are changing rapidly these days. Personally I prefer using hardcoded gold values and changing them. To change the value of a material you go to the crafting window of TSM, then click reports and search up the material. Most of the herbs are relatively stable at the moment due to darkmoon demand, but this can change quickly.

Accounting for procs

Accounting for procs needs to be done both in the crafting window and your auctioning operations. To account for the procs in the crafting window calculation you have to override the default craft value. You simply add a crafting operation, with the settings shown below. Then you add this to the correct group based on your specialization. In the auctioning operations you want to divide by 1.2 as your actual crafting cost is crafting divided by 1.2. you only need to do this for the minimum price, and depending on the market it may not even be necessary, as smart stacking can often save the day.

What do you stock

The main things you want to keep in stock are the flasks, as well as the top DPS potions. As always there’s more DPS than any other role, so expect DPS consumables to always be the top dollar. The main potions to consider are the Potion of Speed and the Wild Magic potion. Indestructible potions can always be pretty good as well.

Utilize mastery

You want to focus on what your mastery is in. I’m potion at the moment, but if flasks seem like a better play then I’ll change. We’ll have to wait for raid demand to stabilize a bit before determining that. The nice thing here is that we can expect the market to remain viable for the duration of wrath classic.

Neat stacking with TSM

One trick I’ve always used with alchemy is neat stacking. My TSM setup will post flasks in a variety of small stack sizes. I want to target someone who just needs enough flasks for todays raid, and wants to overpay. For potions we prefer larger stack sizes, so someone can buy 40 potions for a full night of chugging them in as few clicks as possible. As for how many you should craft that depends on your gold totals and sales rates.

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TSM Settings: 


2 thoughts on “Raids are open, and Potions are booming!

  1. Hi your tsm settings above are not displaying correctly please could you share the full string. Thanks for all your awesome guides they are really helping me keep my head above water 🙂

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