They solved Inspiration? This change seems very good for War Within!

Blizzard has just posted the first previews for The War Within, so let’s see what the next chapter of retail has in store for us.

Knowledge is staying

Profession knowledge trees and work orders are staying in the game. We will be starting from scratch in TWW, with new profession trees. They have decided to remove the generic skill nodes, according to a post in favour of making all skill increases more specialized. This makes a lot of sense as the generic nodes were by far the strongest ones in Dragonflight.

Inspiration is gone

Inspiration will be removed with The War Within. In stead we are getting a system called Concentration which essentially functions as Artisan’s mettle and inspiration rolled into one. You regain concentration at some rate, and you can use it to guarantee the next rank up. You spend less concentration the closer you are to the cap, so having more skill will still be very valuable. There’s also a new stat called ingenuity which gives you a chance to refund concentration, which will likely be very valuable.

NPCs will place work orders

In TWW NPCs will place work orders. While we don’t know any details about this yet, we can speculate. This seems like a great change to me, assuming the NPC work orders include all materials. If you can get your weekly knowledge quests or even a small amount of gold by just waiting for those you will, and it will force players to post real orders to get their stuff done. Hopefully this ends the deluge of scam orders.

Recipes mostly similar to DF

The recipes so far in the alpha are mostly very similar to the recipe types we find in Dragonflight. The overall structure of items seems essentially the same with BoP epic gear, embellishments etc. Overall I expect the same crafts to be good, but the removal of inspiration will change the early meta to get to max rank crafted items.

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